My goal in the next 24 hours. Make lots of cookies. Actually, it’s my goal the next 8 hours. That way, Edmund can bring some cookies with him to work tomorrow.

I’ve started making cookies again.

Ima going to say that’s a good thing.

[No bake and peanut butter cookies. aka Clown snacks.]

Today is my last day working for the year. In fact, I will be not working for the rest of the week. I am looking forward to having the next 6 days off. No plans, really. Except for getting my shit together.

Funny that: getting my shit together has been my plan for weekends/days off for the last month. And it ain’t getting together. Whoops. Here’s hoping I can spend at least some time doing that. Mkay?

Wait! I have New Year’s plans! Hanging with my pal Pat and playing games. That will be fun. Edmund has to work, so he will likely not be there. Which gives me a sad, BUT – he has Thursday-Saturday off, and we will do some fun stuff then, I’m sure.

Now I need to buy some racks. For the cookies. And some de-icer.

Good times.