I have a hair in my eye

I have a hair in my eye

Doctor Who Pinball!

Doctor Who Pinball! – I have no reason to share this other than I played it once and it was cool.

But instead of plucking it out I am blinking and soldering through. This is because I would have to wash my hands and go to a mirror to dig it out and I know that will distract me from writing this blag post.

The hair is an annoyance, but I am sucking it up for the common good.

Or something like that.

Now if my eye starts hurting less, I will wonder where the hair went to. Sometimes the hair gets stuck under the lid (instead of on it) and it doesn’t irritate any more. It also builds up mucus and stuff, like a pearl or something.

I am sneezey.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am sure looking forward to some good food and hanging out with the family.

Hair is still there. I might have to finish up and dig it out. I don’t think it’s going to hide anywhere.

Also: 27th day in a row writing a blag post. Go me!