Ramen Noodle Wednesday

Today I ate Ramen Noodles for the first time since 2002 (or 2003). In fact, I was under the impression I would never eat Ramen Noodles again. Because Ramen Noodles are the I’m-too-poor-to-afford-anything-else meal that one can get pretty sick of; and I did.

I moved to New York City in 2002, and the first few months was a real struggle. I was paid very badly (fortunately I lived in a relatively cheap place, for New York – ~$750 per month for a bedroom in a larger 5 bedroom railroad apartment with one kitchen and ONE bathroom) but the fact that I had a job was very good! Yay! And I ate LOTS AND LOTS of Ramen noodles.

When I was expressly flush, I’d eat my noodles with some Ritz Crackers. Ritz’s buttery flavor complemented the Ramen nicely.

Lately, Ramen noodles have come up in conversation a few times, I mentioned my predilection for eating my Ramen with Ritz. (Putting on the Ritz!) This week, due to my travels up to Northern Maine and then all the way to West Virginia, money is a bit tight until Payday. I decided it would be a perfect time to eat some more Ramen. So I did.

Anyway, Ramen noodles were better than I remembered (because when I stopped eating them I was sick of them.)

I still can’t wait until payday.