Funeral Envy

Let me start out by saying, my Dad did not want a funeral. We had a graveside service with a reception afterward, and that was more than he wanted us to do.

However, after attending funeral services for Elaine Belliveau, the mother of my pal Elizabeth, I admit to a bit of funeral envy. It was so beautiful and magical, everything pitch perfect, a fitting tribute to a wonderful woman. There were testimonials from the grandchildren and songs; one of Elizabeth’s friends, Vicki, wrote a beautiful song for and about Elaine, which she performed for us. Everyone got a dragonfly ornament with one of Elaine’s favorite recipes on it. After mentioning that Elaine loved to light fires, we had a honest-to-goodness FIRE ALARM, complete with a visit from the fire department – caused by Elaine?? That’s what we thought. There were tears AND laughter. Elaine coached softball for a few years and we got back to our seats, one of Elaine’s softball players reminisced about her experiences, and shared an “Emergency Kit” Elaine made for her when she got injured during a game – she saved it for 42 years! And then afterward we had a cash bar and food.

A fantastic night.

So yes, a touch of funeral envy, but also the confidence that we did what Dad wanted us to do – and Elizabeth and her family honored Elaine as she deserved.

We should’ve had a cash bar. My Mom would’ve loved it.