A little bit Jumpy

Yesterday, as I made myself a cup of coffee (and REMEMBERED to put the cup under the dispenser) I realized I felt jumpy. Jittery. Antsy.

I was pacing back and forth. What to do?

So I walked out into the hallway, I walked one flight up (to the third floor) walked across to the other set of stairs, walked two flights down, and then walked back up to the second floor. I did a circuit.

This is momentous because last week I was taking the elevator up to the second floor.

This week I’ve been using the stairs.

Is this new energy med related? It might be. Was I, instead of just being lazy, depressed?

Only time will tell.

[Written Wednesday. Publishing Thursday: Well, this is a first. I thought I published this from my phone last night. But it didn’t go through. I am back-dating it so it shows up on the correct date.]