Thursday Thursday

The kitty is stuck in my office with me. He meows to get out but I don’t care. He’ll get out when I’m good and ready. Or when he meows annoyingly enough to impel me to rise from my comfy office chair and walk over to the door and let him out.

Oh wait, he found something else annoying, tearing the papers on the floor.

And the meowing.

Watching Angel on the Roku. We got a new Roku for Christmas! Isn’t that keen?

Truth be told, Edmund got the Roku. I misappropriated it from him and installed it in my office. I feel a little bad about that.

So far: LOVING IT!

And I just started another episode of Angel. Probably shouldn’t have done that. But it so awesome!

We got a ton of snow last night here in Maine. I worked from home, so was successfully able to avoid going outside at all. Tomorrow, however, is a brand new day.