Home. Scrambling.

Home. Scrambling together a show for the Lounge. Less sick. On the actual computer.

We left Pennsylvania at 5:30 am this morning. My brother drove straight through NYC to Sturbridge MA, where we got some breakfast. Then Edmund drove straight through to the New Hampshire Liquor store. And then I took over to my Mom’s house.

Overall our trip was good. We were glad to see Edmund’s family and Dad. I did not visit too much with his Dad myself because I’ve had a pretty bad cold with a stuffy nose, fever and coughing. Oh my goodness the coughing. Feeling better now, my sides hurt from coughing so much, but coughing much less.

Ed’s Dad is doing okay. He’s home now, in hospice care, and there are some snags in the whole process. Fortunately, it looks like the hospice people are dropping by every day to help out.

It sucks to be so far away.

Now I’ve got to get a podcast together for tomorrow, I have an idea, but I am sooooo tired.