Pennsylvania Time

My day turned from a lazy, nappy Saturday to a whirlwind trip to Allentown Pennsylvania. Ed’s Dad has refused further extraordinary efforts; he’s ready to go into in-patient hospice. He wanted us to be here. So we came.

Back on the roller coaster, to paraphrase my Mom.

If you’re late to the party, my father died last March (lung cancer).

Henry had his second brain tumor removed a couple of weeks ago. (The first tumor was in 2008.) He also had a stroke on the operating table, he has paralysis on his left side. He was in the rehab, getting so he could get in a wheelchair by himself so he could go home. Thursday he was vomiting blood (ulcer) and was transferred back to the hospital.

We’re here. Settling in. I’m doing okay. Henry was very glad to see us. Which means we made the right decision.

Tomorrow we meet with the Hospice people.

Ed says, “Tonight we play with the kitties.”