My schnozz. For you.

My schnozz. For you.

It's a big schnozz, but I like it anywayHere is me and my schozz. All dressed up. Ready to partay. My schnozzizzle and meeeeeeeeeee.

Apparently your schnozz gets bigger the older you get. That sounds great. Do you think it might droop? If so, I might need to get a schnozz holder for it. Do they make schnozz holders? They should. And who are they, anyway.

Also, let’s talk about my crazy eyes. Crazy, huh? Don’t mess with that woman with the Crazy Eyes and the ginormous schnozz. Wooooooooo woo woo woo.

[No, I don’t have anything else to write about. Unless you want to hear me complain about my stuffed up nose and my grumpy, grumpy, lady grumps. And you don’t want to hear how all I want to do is go to bed and go to sleep and snore and maybe read a bit but I’m trying to do stuff but maybe I should go to bed.]

My crazy eyes are looking at you, people.