I am going back into time to post this, because I totally forgot to blog today. It is now after midnight but I’ve set the post to publish on the 14th not the 15th. As pennance I will tell you what I did today.

First I stayed up too late the night before reading a romance novel. Then I slept fitfully, and woke up when Edmund was looking for his car keys. (I knew where they were). Then I spent a long time taking a shower and internetting. After 11 am, my Mom informed me that my brother was visiting, so I went over to my parent’s house. I hung out there for a few hours and had a fantastic lunch with the family. Afterward, I purchased some groceries and brought them home. By mistake, I watched a stupid movie on tv (I didn’t plan on watching it, but it sucked me in nonetheless). I half-heartly cleaned a small portion of my office. I robustly attacked the mound of dishes in the sink. Then I cooked 2 different types of meatloaf (one with gluten, one without), with tons of garlic mashed potatoes. Then Edmund came home. Then Alexis Lyon came over, and we mashed the potatoes and ate dinner and then podcasted. Then Alexis and I talked some more, listened to the podcast, came up with tags, title and description for it, then published it. Then Lex went home because she was tired. And then I realized I forgot to blog today. And then I cheated. Here it is.