Got Nothin’

Got Nothin’

Blank Page: Got Nothin'Trying to write not one but two different posts for today and failed. I’ve got nothing people. So here is my post about having nothing. Or my bitch-rant about nothing.

I’m tired. The thing is, it’s my own damn fault for being tired, I stayed up too late too many nights in a row. So the ideas I have for writing a blog post stop before they can start. My brain no worky. And that pisses me off.

Also, I have some personal stuff going on (too personal to share in public, mind) that makes me a little anxious and grumpy. And I’m grumpy. Grump, grump grump.

The light in my life right now is that I  beat Edmund in two out of two games of Dominion tonight. FTW! [I didn’t play a third game partly so I would be able to keep my one night winning streak.] Pretty cool, but not enough to cheer me up.

So all of my most geniusy ideas for blog posts have gone flat. And I am sucking even at ranting. I can’t even get that right, dammit!

Maybe it’s because of my decision not to swear on my blag or on Twitter or Facebook. Well, I swear a bit, but  I don’t drop F-bombs*. It’s my personal policy, that may have failed at some point in the past, but for the most part, if you want an f-bomb out of me, you’ll need to hang out with me in person. And then get me angry.

You won’t like me when I’m angry.

Well, maybe you will. I can be quite amusing as I spread my invective and spite.

And. I can’t do it. So I’ll change subject. Hey it’s my blag, I can do whatever I want.

Awesomeness for your day: Stationary Unicycle

Okay, let me point out someone who I think is KICKING ASS** at her blog. Margaret at Stationary Unicycle. She makes me laugh out loud. Sometimes I don’t comment on her blog posts just because I can’t think of anything good or clever enough to say. She has a over-18 policy because she writes F-bombs, and wants to make sure people are aware of the content going into it.

Check out Stationary Unicycle by my pal Margaret.


*I personally don’t have an issue with f-bombs, I choose not to use them for more professional reasons. I can get in plenty of trouble with out f-bombs, why push it?
** Apparently I have no problems saying ASS on my blag. Whatever.