A few of my real booksI’ve always been a reader. I read before I went to school, and one of my proudest achievements was finishing a chapter book about Hellen Keller when I was in the first grade. I read the whole thing in one day.

In Jr. High and High School, whenever we were assigned books to read in class, I’d read the whole thing the first weekend. (And then neglect to do any of the homework, but that’s a different story.)

I’m the person who needs to bring a book with her everywhere she goes. Before I had my Kindle, that meant I’d always have a large purse or backpack with me (depending on whether I was reading a paperback or hardcover.) On week-long vacations, I’d bring at least 5 books with me, just in case.

If I don’t have a book to read, I get twitchy.

So you can imagine what I mean when I say that the Kindle is a product designed just for me. Now I can carry hundreds (thousands) of books with me all the time. If I don’t feel like reading any of them, within a minute I can have a brand new book appear on my home page.

Sometimes I overdo it. I glut on reading. Like this week. I read three books in three days and stayed up way too late to do it. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. In the aftermath I don’t seem interested in reading any more books. Yet. Which is fine, I can get laundry together, watch videos, write – all the things I was not doing when I read these books (The Hunger Games Trilogy).

Edmund has this thing he says, “Reading is FUN-damental.” I think he got it from a public service announcement, a poster, a commercial, and he always stresses the FUN*. Reading is fun. I love to go into another world and live life as another person, to be rooting for the protagonist, to be transported to a land of delight. Fun is fun. Fun is reading. But it is also important. Everyone should read a book every now and again.

*Okay, I just Googled it. Reading is Fundamental is a non-profit agency that promotes reading (duh). Reading is FUNdamental was their slogan.

What are you reading?