A few years ago, on January 18, 2003, my life changed forever. I didn’t know my life was going to change forever, I thought I was just going on (another) date. After that weekend, I suspected things might have changed, but being a superstitious sort, I didn’t give it any notice.

On January 18, 2003, I met Edmund Charles Davis.

.@rurugby serenades me with Madonna's Borderline #roadTrip

We met through an online dating service. Which is kind of funny because I used to work for Tele-Publishing, Inc., The Boston Phoenix’s newspaper and online dating services, looks like they are called People2People now. But we didn’t meet through People2People.com. We met through the now defunct Spring Street Networks, Edmund joined through Nerve.com and I joined through Bust Magazine’s website.

We talked on the phone a couple of times before we met in person. But you never know about someone until you meet them face-to-face, you know what I mean?

First Thanksgiving 2003 - Maine
Here we are our first Thanksgiving together, hanging at J’s Oyster Bar in Portland.

Now I know Edmund is not perfect, but let me tell you, he is perfect for me and I am so glad I married him.

We didn’t have to get married. We could’ve lived together indefinitely, shared our lives without a marriage ceremony. But we’d discussed marriage, and Edmund asked me and I said yes (of course!) and so we got married. And, let me tell you, marriage with the right person has surpassed my expectations. To have a legally-sanctioned partner-in-crime has been fantastic, and I recommend it for everyone.

As you might know, I am finishing my college degree right now, as you read this! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without his help. Case in point: laundry. Normally we take turns doing laundry, we don’t have an in-house washer or dryer so we need to go to the laundromat. I’ll do it one week, and a couple of weeks later Edmund does it. When I’m stressed-out busy, Edmund does laundry several times in a row. This week it was my turn to do laundry. I usually do it on Saturday. Instead, I stayed home read books and napped all day. Sunday morning Edmund woke up early, and since he was up, he went out and did the laundry.

If I’m working on something in my office, he’ll get me a drink and feed me dinner. Most importantly, if I am writing something, he’ll read it for me and give me feedback. I might not always like what he says, but more often than not, his critique/feedback is spot on (but don’t tell him that.)

I only hope that I’ve been as supportive a partner for him as he has been for me. Going back to college and working full-time has not been easy, and he certainly gets the brunt of my frustrations and mercurial temper. Some people I know think I don’t swear or cuss. Edmund knows better.

July 3, 2004 Wedding Day
Our wedding day.

In my personal ad I asked for a funny man. And with Edmund, I sure got one. But he’s also a kind man, a smart man, and a passionate man. And he has a generous heart. I really won the dating lottery.

My relationship with Edmund makes me a strong advocate for marriage, if that is what a couple wants. Not everyone wants or needs marriage for their relationship, but a good marriage or partnership is not to be missed. This is why I am a strong proponent for same-sex marriage. I think EVERYONE should have the opportunity to have a fantastic, loving, excellent, relationship and enjoy the legal benefits of marriage. The only way you know if it will work is to do it, to take that leap of faith. So glad I did.

Do you have a partner-in-crime? Tell me about ’em!