Friday Five on Saturday

The Friday Five Chick is on a sabbatical it seems so I have raided the archives.

1. What drinking water do you prefer — tap, bottle, purifier, etc.? Cold from a bottle. But could be ice water from the tap if I were still in Maine.

2. What are your favorite flavor of chips? Cheese Doodles

3. Of all the things you can cook, what dish do you like the most? Hmmm, Steak and mashed potatoes… or “Chicken Maheux”

4. How do you have your eggs? scrambled

5. Who was the last person who cooked you a meal? How did it turn out? other than going to a restaurant, the last person to cook for me was Edmund. He made Chicken Quesadillas and they were good. Real Good

1. Where were you born (city or state or just country)? Dover-Foxcroft, ME

2. What is your favorite number? 8

3. Vanilla or chocolate? Vanilla

4. What section of a bookstore would I find you in? Romance

5. What kind of mattress do you have on your bed? soft? firm? water? Firmish