New on Pod: The Bureau of Awesome

New on Pod: The Bureau of Awesome

Last fall, Edmund and I started podcasting together.

I had an old URL I purchased a couple of years ago, I was thinking of using it for a group project or something like that. And then I thought it would be perfect for a podcast with me and Edmund. So we did it. Started a podcast. Here I was, one more step toward Lounging with LannaLee.

Thursday night Eddie and I sat down and recorded a new episode. Surprisingly enough, we mostly talked about our adventures with fleas.

Here’s another one you should listen to: #08 Your House Will Explode

You’re welcome.

Desperately Trying to Change Subject

Desperately Trying to Change Subject

Cat flea, Ctenocephalides felis (Bouché): female. Photo by James L. Occi

Cat flea, Ctenocephalides felis (Bouché): female. Photo by James L. Occi
By Armed Forces Pest Management Board

It’s all about the fleas here in Westbrook town. So glad that My Momz is still at camp so she’s not having to deal with this. And thank goodness for Edmund. As he says on his blog, it’s been a PITA (where PITA means Pain In The Ass.)

Put a fork in me. I am done.

Pod and Blag and Stuff

Short post tonight. I hung out with my pal Alexis and we recorded another Lex and Lanna show podcast, coming soon to the internets near you. And now I am doing non-writey blag stuff. And I am very busy (but how is that different from any other night, huh?) [And I want to direct the blag away from any flea talk for a while.]

So I will do what I do best when I punk out on a blag post, I’ll embed a funny video or something.

Let’s see…

Here is a short funny film:




My VanMy car has fleas now.

So I have that going for me.

I have 30 plus flea bites on my extremities and trunk.

I am an itchy bitch. Bitchy itch? Itch. Itch. Itch. Bitch. Bitch. Bitch.

Soon I will take my nightly dose of Benadryl-type-derivative. The hope? I will eventually cease with the scratching and get some sleep.

Heartened that this will be a funny story some day. As soon as I stop itching.

Welcome to the (Flea) Circus

Welcome to the (Flea) Circus

Ready to Lounge

Ready to Lounge

Most of my day was great. Fantastic even.

I slept in. Got my stuff together, cashed a check, got some nosh, and drove to the Comedy Connection so I could Lounge with Comedian Jim Lauletta. He was awesome.

Comedian Jim LauletttaThe word is that, later this evening, Jim donned this outfit (pictured to the right.) I am very sad that I did not witness this awesomeness. (He was wearing pants and a shirt when I spoke with him.) But, nevertheless, the Lounge was awesome and you should look for it on Thursday. Interesting side note: Jim was gifted this fabulous outfit from none other than George Hamm. You might remember I spoke with George on Lounging with LannaLee last spring. [If you don’t remember, check it out. There are two parts: 1 & 2. Both are awesome.]

It was shortly before three in the afternoon when I finished lounging. On a Total Impulse, I drove over to Cinemagic and watched Total Recall. Fun movie, recommend. Very good scifi.

I was exhausted after the movie. It was after five. Edmund drove by Mom’s house this morning and let Loki out; I drove over to let him back into the house. The only thing was, Loki was not there. He usually shows up eventually, so I plunked down in Mom’s chair and prepared to wait. I was pretty tired, and thought I might take a nap. I looked over at my hand, and wouldn’t you know it, there was a flea. I looked down at my feet. More fleas! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaHHH!

LokiIf you might remember, Loki was in kitty jail over the last weekend. When they admitted him, they found out he had fleas. (And they treated him for them.) In fact, Max, Mom’s dog, was treated for fleas this week too. And here they were in the house.

The next couple of hours were of me trying to figure out what to do about it. You know, the fleas. And the itching. Because now I itch. I’ve itched all week; I have an itch problem. I think it was from when I hung out with the Lokster on Tuesday. I was going to buy some Benadryl stuff today for it, but there was some drama and no pharmacist and a panicked text to Edmund, but he talked me down from the ledge. So I went to Pet Quarters and bought some flea stuff and combs and sprayed it around the house. And when Loki came back I combed his fur to see if he was clean (so far so good.)

So today==mostly good. Me==itchy. [And I guess it’s a good thing Jim didn’t wear that outfit during our lounge. Because. Well. I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate!]