Super Grover Tops our Tree! Circa 2005Tomorrow, December 22nd, is this year’s Winter Solstice – the shortest day of the year. Normally the Winter Solstice is on December 21st, but since it is based on the Earth’s position from the sun, it varies in time, and sometimes date, from year to year. I have no plans for the Solistice, per se. I’ll work, then go home and hang out with the husband. A low-key day, about what I can handle right now.

To the left is our first Christmas Tree. It’s from 2005 – our first year living in Maine together (I grew up in Maine, Edmund is from New Jersey). It is also our last Christmas tree. Why? I started going back to school in 2006 and–do I really need to explain? I suspect that next year we will see a resurgence of treeness. At least that’s my plan.

Otherwise, I am pretty much all set for my Christmas preparations. We’re going to go to my parent’s house for dinner, Edmund is cooking a ham, my Mom will make many desserts, my brother Bill will come down to Westbrook, Dot will be visiting from Hallowell, and it will be fine. Super-fine even.

I found out that my semester grades are both in, an A for my Memoir class and, as I discussed yesterday, a B+ for my Stats class. That’s all I needed to get my degree in Sociology with a Math Minor. My final GPA is 3.752, which makes me magna cum laude. It also makes me tickled pink!

The thing is, I’m still twitching. I have a bunch of projects on my plate, stuff I want to do, but I am forcing myself to wait until after Christmas to start working on them. I need the time off. (I don’t mean time off from work. That would be nice, but I blew it all this year. My last couple of vacation days were used to finish up my school work for this semester.) I need more veg time, and to have my non-work time be stress free. So I blog and play games with my husband and read and watch tv and videos. Pretty nice so far. I will not be going anywhere New Year’s weekend, Edmund is working, so it will be a great time for me to nest and get myself going again. I am not planning on going on any trips in January, instead I plan on getting my personal shit together, literally (cleaning my office) and figuratively (What’s next for Lanna?).

I will be away the first three weekends in February, it will be strange to be away and not feel guilty because I’m not doing my homework. Strange and fantastic. First I will be going to A Feast of Lights in Holyoke Mass, Edmund isn’t called to go, so I invited my pal Trish to come with me. If she can’t, I’ll advertise for a roomie. The next weekend I will be going to a workshop with Orion Foxwood. Love working with him. And lastly, over President’s Day weekend, Edmund and I will be going to Boskone, the NESFA’s Regional Science Fiction Convention, which is held in Boston and is one of our favorite annual events. We will be joined at Boskone by his parents, Chris and Henry, who drive up from Pennsylvania and put us to shame at the number of panels they attend and the circles they run around us.

After that, who knows?

Are you dazed by the Holidays?

This Post is on Fire!

This Post is on Fire!

Stack of StatsI’m typing this on my Kindle Fire. The experience, so far, is super annoying. Sigh. However, it is good enough for me to consider leaving my huge laptop home when I travel anymore.

The picture to the left depicts the materials I used to finish my take-home Probability & Statistics final that I passed in a week ago. Although I didn’t get my test grade back yet, I did check for my final grade. And it was a B+! Very happy about that.

A quick post is all I can handle right now. Will need to come up with strategies for upcoming posting on the Fire. I couldn’t insert a picture, even if it was already added to the Media Library. Furthermore, I just gave up typing on the Fire – if you have over 50 words and make a mistake and then try to go back to fix it, it is almost impossible to insert the cursor where you want it (the text editing window for the body of the blog post does not allow for quick navigation.)

And, if you have more than 10 categories, forget scrolling down to select one for the post. [This will likely make sense only to those who use WordPress.]

All that said, I didn’t get the Kindle Fire because I wanted to do blog posts with it. I got it because I wanted its video and music and reading and web surfing capabilities. And its otherwise awesomeness. So, it will work in a pinch. Now I’m going to save this draft and open the post back up on the Fire and try publishing this baby. Cross your fingers for me!

Stats on My Kindle

Stats notes on my kindle.

I took this photo last night in my Stats class. My professor provides detailed lecture notes in PDF form, and I forwarded them all to my Kindle. It works fairly well. If only I could understand it.

So glad this is my last semester.