About Musings

Musings of Lanna Lee Maheux is the weblog (or as Lanna calls it, blag) of every-day doings in Lanna’s life. She blogs (blags) every day about her cats, her husband, geek stuff, her podcast (Lounging with LannaLee), her family, and things she thinks are cool. Sometimes she does a video.

In the spring of 2012, Lanna blagged about the worst time in her life, her father’s illness and death.

Lanna keeps it real, but not too real. For instance, she swears a lot more in real life.

Lanna’s opinions are her own.

About Lanna Lee

Lanna geeks out on statistics every day as a Data Processor at SSI. Lanna is also an actor, a student, a humorist and an award-winning balloon twister, clown and speaker. She is a lover AND a fighter.Her balloons have been seen in Maxim Magazine and she taught at Twist & Shout 2004, The Best Balloon Twister’s and Entertainer’s Convention and was featured in the documentary Twisted: A Balloonamentary.

Lanna is a recovering Stand-Up Comic.

Lanna Lee Maheux lives in Westbrook, Maine, with her husband, Edmund Charles Davis-Quinn and her cats, Lenny and Squiggy Quinn. Lanna likes: Coca Cola, singing, bein’ silly, kissing Edmund, hugging kittehs, puppy dogs, flowers, cheesecake, steak, my computer, X-Files, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Monty Python, Stephen King, trashy romance novels, sleeping in, sewing, and short walks in the ocean.

This is pretty nice to cone home to
Squiggy and Lenny