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Nope. Hulu’s Not For Me.

Nope. Hulu’s Not For Me.

huluI turned off Hulu this morning. I just could not justify it. The reason why: it did not give me the whole season for Supernatural (I hadn’t watched it yet this season.) There have been 9 episodes out so far, Hulu was showing 1,2,4,8,9. Missing are episodes 3,5,6,7. The same thing for the other show I haven’t seen yet this season, Once Upon A Time. I can buy both seasons on Amazon prime, and see all the episodes that have been released so far. This is what I’ve done in the past.

Add on the commercials (even if you are paying $7.99 per month), makes Hulu not a fun choice. Not saying that come next season, I wouldn’t pony up the dough. If you are on top of things, it is much easier. But I can’t even guarantee I would be able to keep up, I can’t even watch the shows when they air, it’s too much of a commitment.

We have Amazon Prime and Netflix, and we use both of them, I just don’t need Hulu. Furthermore, neither of those services have advertisements.

I would happily pay for Hulu if it were a similar or better deal than buying the seasons, ads or no ads. If I could’ve streamed the entire season from the get go. Especially when the shows are on regular broadcast television. Nope. Denied.

That said, I have friends who love it. So there you go. At least I got a blag post about it.