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20160112_235257I’ve noticed that my penmanship (penwomanship) has deteriorated in the past few years. Somewhere over the last couple of weeks I read something about practicing handwriting, and that really clicked for me. So I bought the Spencerian System of Practical Penmanship In Nine Easy Lessons along with some copybooks – and some cheapo fountain pens I am not going to link to.

20160113_000405I got everything in on Monday, and I went right to work. I played around for a few minutes, no more than a half hour, and I noticed a difference right away. Funny that.

Not that you could tell by looking at my scribbles here, but rest assured they’ve been getting better.*

20160113_000414So I’ve been practicing a few minutes every day (ok, three days in a row). I might even get myself a legit fountain pen, one that can make a thicker line. In a few months. (Or maybe I will learn how to use the pens I have.)

20160113_000423*Except for my capital D’s and Q’s. Admission: I’ve always had a hard time with capital D’s and Q’s. My brain can’t comprehend them. I cheat and “print” them instead.