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Interweb Hubris

Interweb Hubris

I factory reset the router tonight because we were having SLOOOOOOOW interwebs. And what with Edmund and I both working from home, we need to be using our 150Mbps something something working to its best capability (ours was working at 12Mbps).

I did a couple of internet searches and downloaded the manual, and clicked the button for factory reset.

But what I forgot was to make sure I had the information I needed to reset the router back up again.

And then I didn’t have the right information. And I wasn’t sure exactly what information I’d need. Something in the manual said the info was in the box we got when we purchased it. Having had fair to middling success with keeping electronics boxes around, I searched high and low for something to help me out. I stubbed my toe. I swore. I didn’t find what I needed to find.

So I called tech support, and she talked me down from the ledge.

Pro tip: The Linksys MOdel EA690 has the factory-set password on the bottom of the Modem.

And NOW my interwebs are so much faster!