Updates – Adulting, kitties, and cankles

Updates – Adulting, kitties, and cankles

Kitten #3 - shortly before it was trapped in our cat carrier

Kitten #3 – shortly before it was trapped in our cat carrier

I cannot believe I haven’t posted since JUNE! That is crazypants.

Here is a quick update: I am currently looking for work, my cankles have receded, and I trapped some adorable feral cats today.

About my cankles: my ankles have been mostly svelte. Although for the last week, I haven’t been wearing the compression socks like I should (because all of my compression socks are dirty). Fortunately, because it’s no longer summer, my ankles aren’t ballooning up like they did. I elevate my feet whenever I sleep, and I notice a major difference from before I had the surgeries on my legs. It is all good.

In other news, I am committed to doing NaNoWriMo, aka National Novel Writing Month this year! Check here for my profile. To that end, I am not going to promise to blag every day in November. But I am going to be blagging a lot more. Once you get started writing, it’s hard to stop!

What I really wanted to do was post about how I captured the kittens today. And because I documented it all by Tweet, I decided to try out Storify for its story telling prowess, in that you can piece together several posts from different platforms to tell the whole story. And Better yet, I can just embed the whole thing right here:

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