Archives for February 2015

I was doing so well…

Posting every day and then I stop. Just because. Pretty much stopped everything for the past few weeks. Except Supernatural. And advanced hanging out with the hubster. And I went to a conference. (My pal Melissa came over a couple of times, but since we were watching Supernatural, the visits are in the Supernatural category.)

And now it’s over a month since my last post.

Things are going on. Good things.

First of all, I am writing this on my new Kindle Fire complete with blue tooth keyboard. Woo! Both my Fire and my laptop were ailing, I decided to relplace the Fire first, and then we’ll see. The keyboard is tiny and slightly annoying, but better than typing on the screen, methinks.

Unfortunately I hate the case I bought, it has no strap for one-hand holding, and it stands up strangely. So I will have to get a new one. Boo!

Another good thing: going to Balloon Manor again this year! It’s out in Rochester New York! We’re going to build a 5-story undersea adventure! Very excited! Woo!

Hey, maybe I’ll try that blag-post-a-day thing again. What do you think of that?