Archives for December 22, 2014

Lenny sez pet me, human, and other stuff

Lenny sez pet me, human, and other stuff


Lenny followed me to bed, asking for loving – aka Lenny time!

I baked a pumpkin pie tonight. Tomorrow I’ll do a flan, and share the recipe. I also put a load of dishes in, and watched Supernatural on my Kindle Fire – so glad I downloaded the Netflix app.

Pumpkin pie recipe: use One Pie pie filling, follow instructions. Woo!

I am getting a cold. That is not cool. My nose is stuffed AND running at the same time! How does that happen?

Can we talk about Supernatural for a bit?  It’s my first time watching it, and it’s a great show. Fun characters and whatnot.

Ed’s Mom arrived today, so the holiday has begun. I have to work tomorrow, but excited to have Wednesday/Thursday off to spend with family.

That is all.