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Girl, 3-4 Years

Girl, 3-4 Years

Moving to a new state, working a new job, means doing new things, participating in events that are similar but different.

My office does a holiday program called adopt-a-kid where we adopt a couple classrooms from a city-run child development center in Bridgeport. We purchase and wrap gifts for children who might not be getting many gifts at home.

My kid is a girl, 3-4 years.

The best part is that we get to go to the school and present our gifts directly to the students.

We were instructed to purchase hat and gloves, a coloring book and crayons and a larger gift that costs between $20-30 dollars.

Here is what I purchased:


Of course I angsted a lot over this purchase. What if she doesn’t like pink? My current proclivities aside, I did not like pink when I was a kid (pink was a “girl’s” color). Oh. What if she doesn’t like princesses?

I chose the larger gift of the princess costumes because I was looking for something she could play with, and imaginative play is fun!

When I was a little I wanted to be Bugs Bunny. When I was a tween I pretended I was Nancy Drew. That said, I probably would’ve LOVED this gift. The skirts are separate from the tops so she can even mix and match. Fun fun!

I got the Hello Kitty book because it was BIG and it had STICKERS! The hat and gloves came with a scarf, which was nice, and I had enough other colors in them so that if she were the one girl who didn’t like pink, she might find a color she does like in them.

I llove how we are doing this. I’ve done toy drives at previous jobs and it was a bit more impersonal. This seems like it will be lots of fun.