Archives for December 3, 2014

Quest For Coffee

It’s a new job and a new state, but my mornings start the same as they did in Maine – with my Quest for Coffee. This morning, because I forgot to wash out my cup yesterday, I went to the upstairs kitchen to wash out my mug. Alas, there was no soap. So my quest continued to the 2nd floor, where I inquired of Sandra if we had more dish soap and if so, where was it. She showed me, and I was set free with the knowing.

(The same thing happened yesterday, no soap in the upstairs kitchen so I went to the downstairs kitchen to wash out my mug. This time I figured it would be best to find soap so when I go TOMORROW to wash out my cup in the morning, I don’t have to go downstairs. And yes, I forgot to wash my mug again.)

I brought the soap back to the upstairs and cleaned out my cup.

And then I walked back to the 1/2 kitchen (no sink) closest to my desk and made my coffee. And it was good.

All the while I was thinking of my Quest For Coffee.

Which in turn reminded me of the movie Quest for Fire, which I saw in a hotel room in Houlton or Fort Kent Maine in the mid-1980’s. I was there with the Foxcroft Academy Wrestling team and I remember laughing and giggling about the movie with Tammy Linkfield – who is my friend to this day. And then, of course, I think of Tammy. And I think “Quest for Coffee”, which is much less salacious than the “Quest For Fire” movie. And I giggle in my mind (so no one can hear me and think I’m weird.)

And now I am blagging about it.

It’s a vicious cycle.