Archives for December 1, 2014

A Post Every Day?

Hello Strangers. I’ve been busy not doing stuff on the interwebs. Except for posting/lurking on Facebook and Twitter: I’m not an ANIMAL.

Been thinking I should blag (blog) every day again. Get back in the saddle (again). As it were.

So. We moved to Connecticut. And I am enjoying my new job. And as of last week, I cleaned my office up enough so I can reach my computer. Also – just today we set up our new smart wifi router which will (I hope) ensure excellent interwebs in my basement office.

So far so good.

Now I need to find my microphone and my camera. I think they are in that box over there.

I keep thinking of things I could post about. I drove home thinking of possible blag posts, they were awesome believe you me, and I took a wrong turn.

I haven’t eaten dinner yet.

It’s 11 pm.

Edmund is streaking through the apartment. Which means it is probably bed time.

I am virus-scanning my computer.

The cats are adorable.

Sure. I’ll post every day. Why not?