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If you follow my Twitter or Facebook you probably know this already: we moved to Connecticut!

Now, my life plan had never included a move to Connecticut.  Massachusetts,  maybe. Back to NYC. Pennsylvania. Somewhere warm.  We’d drive thru Connecticut to go somewhere else. But live? Not on the radar.

Then I applied for a new job at a much larger company. And I got it! Such a great opportunity (and more pay), we could not pass it up. And so Edmund and I packed up the house (and the cats)  and moved to Ansonia, Connecticut.

Verdict so far: a good move professionally and personally.  Ed was able to go remote with his job. We got a larger apartment that has all the things we need (except a maid, but that’s another story.) And we both have been blown away with how beautiful it is here. In some respects, more beautiful than our area in Westbrook.

One of our favorite amenities?  We now have a guest room. For, you know, guests.  So friends and family, feel free to come visit.