Archives for December 22, 2013

Clown snacks

I made clown snacks today. Have I told you about clown snacks?

When I lived in Boston, after I stopped working as Bingo the Clown at the Ground Round, I joined the Greater Boston Clowns of America,  Alley 54 in Salem Mass. We met once a month, and everyone took turns bringing snacks.

When I made snacks often I’d make no-bake cookies, graham cracker bars and Maybe peanut butter cookies. Because at one time I went to the meetings by taking the commuter rail, I would bring the snacks with me to work. One of my co-workers, who knew about my clown proclivities,  when she saw them would ask me about my clown snacks. “Those your clown snacks? ”

Funny, I don’t remember the woman’s name OR even what she looked like. However, I’ve been calling these items Clown Snacks ever since.