Archives for December 19, 2013

Good Day

Work had our annual holiday party today. We had lunch at a fancy restaurant with cocktails and everything. I drank Coke. It was good. I ate lots of good food.

Afterward,  I tried to get my oil changed at Sears. Edmund was right. Going to the mall before Christmastime is a bad idea.

So I went to Sam’s Club instead. And bought a metric ton of kitty litter – ok 84 pounds. And a bunch of other things.  Including gummy bears and lot of Parmesean Cheese. (I am writing this on my phone and I have no idea if I spelled Parmesean right, but I’m going with it.) And a big bag of frozen blueberries. 

Because of my big lunch, I was not ready for a proper dinner. So later in the evening I ate some frozen blueberries with yogurt. It was good.

I also bought some Christmas presents.  But that’s all top secret and stuff. So I can’t tell you about that.

A good day.