Archives for December 16, 2013


Watched Life of Mammals the Opportunists with Edmund.  Hosted by my bud Sir David Attenbourogh, natch.

Spoiler: humans are an opportunistic mammal. Along with rats we humans closed out the show. Go humans! We’ll (as a sepcies) will eat ANYTHING.

Like me. Tonight I ate a grilled cheese sandwich with a scrambled egg in the middle. Tea to drink with it. Followed by a combo of watermelon sherbet and red raspberry ice cream for dessert.

Now we are watching a Nova episode about Mount Saint Helens. Fascinating.
Maybe later I’ll drink some chai tea.

When living in Boston, I once saw a giant rat. They were doing construction near the T. I looked at another passerby and said “Now that be a rat!” They did not share my wonderment. Whatever.