Archives for December 8, 2013

Beans The Musical Fruit

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Made beans today. They came out pretty good. Beany even.

Watched Primeval and took a nap. A full day, it was.

My regular Kindle is acting up. Books disappearing. I reboot it and it starts working again. Sometimes. I am fortunate in that I have 2 other options to read my Kindle books, my Fire and my phone.  But they pale in comparison to the reading experience of my (now) old-school Kindle Keyboard. I hope this does not mean my Kindle is going bye – bye.  I’ll reset/reformat back to factory settings first – it seems like it’s a software rather than hardware issue.

Re-reading the Harry Potter series. On the third book. So glad I got the Kindle versions: the physical books get heavier the further along in the series it is.

All of a sudden it’s 11:30. Time for bed.