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David Attenborough Rocks My Socks Off

I mean Sir David Attenborough Rocks My Socks Off.

Since we got Amazon Prime, Edmund and I have enjoyed watching a few nature programs, many of them narrated and/or produced by David Attenborough. Last night I had an epiphany about Sir Attenborough: he is very cool.

I mean, at first blush he is decidedly NOT cool. Wearing silly hats and rolling around on the ground talking about animals. Narrating while riding through the shot on a boat. It’s hard to explain, but it’s wonderfully dorky. I’ve included some clips below, but I wasn’t able to find a truly dorky one.

What makes him so cool is that he is not trying to be cool. He is just doing things that he loves. Things that turn him on. And that rocks my socks off.

His animal geekiness is infectious:

Here he is being all kinds of awesome: