Archives for April 29, 2013


My father died last year less than a month after we found out he had lung cancer. My father-in-law died in April, 7 months after we found out his brain cancer came back. But did I think about seeing a therapist?

Only fleetingly.

It was suggested to me (by my Mom and my husband) that I do. But I felt like I was doing fine.

Well, after the past couple of weeks, I called Uncle.

Edmund had a major manic episode, and that was truly the straw that broke the camel’s back. He is doing better, now. And since he is getting help, I am too. Goddess knows I needs it.

Today was my second visit, although I had misgivings last week, I think my new therapist will be good for me.

One thing she told me I could use breathing meditations to help alleviate anxiety, and I’m like: yes, the same ones EVERYONE else tells me to do (sorry Orion).

Now for some de-stressing. 😉

[If you are in the Portland, Maine area and need counseling quickly, I recommend the Community Counseling Center, they have a walk-in screening process and they were able to get me an appointment the next business day.]