Archives for April 22, 2013

Another Grateful Post

I am grateful for my tribe, here in Maine and elsewhere.

Thanks to Pat and Trisha who both supported me through the last couple of weeks; Pat invited me over to her house, twice, and helped me get through some tough situations; and Trisha who showed up, twice, just when I needed her. Thanks to Gennyfer who was my cyber pal through all this, offering invaluable advice and insight. And thanks to my seership crew who supported me and Edmund emotionally and spiritually this past weekend. I am in a better mind-space because of you all.

I am also very grateful for my Mom, who is graciously helping me and Edmund in a big way: by cleaning/organizing our apartment AND doing our laundry. Above and beyond.

Still no details yet. Edmund is in a hospital, getting better. I suspect we will let you know what happened at some point. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you want to visit Edmund, please private message me. [My email is]