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A good day for a Poem: The A-Team

The A-Team

I envision a new A-Team.

With a smart matriarch as the leader, she is smart and motherly and smokes a cigar, they call her Harriet. Her short gray hair curls like a mop on her head.

The pretty one, they call Tits. She has big blonde hair, a wide toothy smile, and a formidable bosom. She beguiles and is underestimated and seduces her way to the win.

The Wild one, Ms. V, looks like Grace Jones with a Mohawk, tall and strong with jet black skin, she drives a hot pink Van emblazoned with flames. And she reads Kant.

The Crazy one is Mabel. Mabel keeps a flame thrower in her handbag and can land a helicopter on a paper bag.

This A-Team travels across the country in their van, fighting injustice.

Written April 2, 2012 by Lanna Lee Maheux