Archives for April 7, 2013

The LannaLee OnAir Experiment! Episode #001

Hey party people, enjoy the LannaLee OnAir Experiment!

I’m watching it now. And contemplating watching the new Doctor Who.

And then Bed.

Oh, wait! I almost forgot to mention what I did today! Other than the above OnAir Experiment, I had a nice brunch with my cousin Kate, her friend Tim, Uncle Alan, Aunt Holly and my Mom. [We all went to see Kate compete in a body building competition the day before – was much more fun than I thought it’d be.]

Then I rushed home to get ready to co-host the Jiggy Jaguar Experience. I’ll be co-hosting with him again on Sunday April 14 and Sunday April 28th. Let me tell you, it was an experience! Ha! Lots of characters on the show. AND I have a sweet new nickname Double-L! How’s that for coolness.