Archives for April 6, 2013

The Muse Knocking at my door when I need sleep, dammit

Ugh. I was trying to sleep the night Henry died. Edmund was snoring away. I watched some Buffy (mistake), played my phone (another mistake) and then lay in bed with my eyes closed. For a couple of hours.

I started writing poems in my head. Things I’ve been wanting to write about, to think about, but haven’t yet. I could see how the whole poems were shaping up. Glad for modern technology, I fired up my trusty Kindle Fire and typed a few lines in it. Twice.

The subjects of both the poems are about things (people) I don’t talk about, normally. One poem will be happy. The other angry/mad. Both are about other people.

And it got me to thinking, especially about the angry/ranty poem, it’s time for some truth. And you can’t be positive all the time. I will not name names, but I need to explore the hurt, and why not do it in public, like I do everything else. I might not publish them on my blag, but I will read them in public. I will share my stories. MY truth.

I think I hide behind the “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” adage too much. Truth should be shared. And why be silent if something is not right?

Now, anyone have any hints on how to tame my Muse to knock at a more reasonable hour?