Salad In A Jar?

Salad In A Jar?

My gym bag is packed. No Excuses!

My gym bag is packed. No Excuses!

I don’t like doing things that are “healthy.” Tell me to do something because it’s “healthy” and I’ll run the other way, even to spite myself.

It’s a character flaw, I suppose.

It is also one of the reasons it took me SO LONG to cut down my Coke habit. [I had a Coca-Cola yesterday, but it was my first one in a week. At a restaurant, of course.]

Anyhoo, I am excited about trying this Salad In A Jar thing. The deal is, you put your salad in a jar. And vacuum pack it. And then you eat it later. Apparently it can last up to 2 weeks in vacuum pack goodness.

I know, I know, salads are “healthy.” Shhh, don’t tell my subconscious.

I find salads delicious, with the cucumbers and tomatoes and whatnot. Slap some dressing (got to have dressing) and cheese on, and we are good to go.

The only reason why I don’t eat MORE salads is because they are a pain in the butt to make. You have to plan ahead. Wash things. Blah Blah Blah. Cut things. And you have to make sure everything is fresh (I don’t like wilty things.)

The Salad in a Jar might be the answer to all my problems! Some people load the whole salad in the jar, with cut up vegetables and whatever else layered in the jar. I have decided to stay simple, like the Salad In A Jar lady recommends, just lettuce. I can add the whatever else later. Tonight I’m going to drop by WalMart (after the gym), and see if I can get some jars and vacuum packy implements cheap.

Oh yes, the gym. I pay for a membership. Every month it comes automatically out of our joint checking account. Apparently you have to go to the gym, physically show up and jump on the equipment, in order to reap its benefits. Lame.

This morning I got up earlier than usual. I was concerned about my most recent lounge with LannaLee, the length of the episode was not showing up on the website. So I logged on to fix. And since I was up so early, I was able to pack my gym bag! [I could’ve packed the gym bag at any time last night or the last three weeks, but I forget.]

Now I have no excuses. I feel fine. I have a water bottle. I’m caught up at work. Podcast is published for the week. The gym it is!