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I need something Shiny

We are here in Pennsylvania waiting for Henry to die.

Whoever said Life Sucks was thinking of moments like this.

I don’t want to think about it anymore. I’m going to get a book and read it or something. Or go to sleep (although I slept until 11 am today AND took a nap this afternoon.) Sleep is good when life sucks.

Okay. Now for the shiny. I need something shiny people. Bring on the shiny, dammit!

I’ll get you started; here are some fun videos.

Now you share something shiny with me. I demand it.

Back in Pennsylvania

We made it to Allentown. What a difference a month makes, Henry looks a lot different. Definitely looks like he’s on his way out.

He’s only eating a very little. This morning he had a fig newton. One fig newton. I would call that not eating, how about you?

He hasn’t really recognized us yet. Too sleepy, perhaps. We’re here, though. That’s a good thing.



My new crown fell out yesterday morning when I flossed my teeth. No big whoop, I went to the dentist first thing and he stuck it back on.

I should’ve known there was something going on with my tooth because I’ve had a really bad taste in my mouth for the past couple of weeks. I ignored it. Well until it got bad enough for me to google “bad taste in mouth” and find out how many illnesses I might have and the fact that my body might be shutting down and whatnot, or it might be lung gangrene. No big whoop.

Nope. The bad taste was the glue breaking down. Got crown reattached and my mouth tastes fantastic. Comparatively.

Here is the underside of my tooth. It’s gross, right? I asked the dentist: “Is that okay?” He laughed and said, “I was just thinking that it looked pretty good.” It’s all in your perspective.

Tomorrow we are having an early Easter Dinner with My mom and brother, and then Edmund and I are hightailing it to Pennsylvania. We should’ve left earlier I suppose. Better late than never?

Podcast Gold: Must Listen Internet over on Lounging with LannaLee

Podcast Gold: Must Listen Internet over on Lounging with LannaLee

Elizabeth Lounges with LannaLee and gets a couch!

Elizabeth Lounges with LannaLee and gets a couch!

I need a signal boost over here, because today’s episode up over at Lounging with LannaLee is some Must Listen Internet.

As you might recall, last Saturday Edmund and I hung out with my dear friend Elizabeth. Well, of course I got her to lounge with me! And it is a fantastic conversation. I want everyone to listen to it because she is doing some brilliant things and she is funny, so very funny.

Here is the synopsis, to whet your podcast-listening appetite:

What do you do when your find out your child has a disability? If you’re Elizabeth, you help other families who have children with autism. Elizabeth tells Lanna about how her oldest son came into her life, from her days as a Catholic Missionary living in Taiwan, to the adoption process, to his autism diagnosis. Elizabeth brings her exuberant personality fully forward and talks about her work with Easter Seals, educating families and law enforcement with information and strategies for living and working with children who have autism. They talk about spirituality, sacred sexuality and finding ways that people with disabilities can be sexual adults. They laugh a lot. They have a not-so-surprise guest! Elizabeth also talks about her next projects, and her passion for empowering women. And she answers 10 questions.

What are you waiting for; listen to it now! And when you’re done, quick like a bunny rabbit and share it with your friends!

C’mon. You know you want to.

In a Fog

If you read my husband’s blog as well as my blag, you might have already seen his post of today. Henry (Ed’s Dad) is doing worse. It’s nothing we didn’t expect, he is dying after all. Funny, doesn’t really make it easier.

I expect we’ll be going back to Pennsylvania. Whether it’s this weekend or next week, we are not sure. We are leaning toward next week.



Same letters. Switch them around, totally different meaning.

Hugs! Not Ughs!

I need a hug.

The Live LannaLee OnAir Experiment and Stuff

New Lounging with LannaLee LogoOkay, people – to clear up. What I posted about yesterday, the Live Lounging with LannaLee is SEPARATE from the regular lounges.

What I should’ve made clear is that this is an experiment. I realized we could do a LIVE show using Google+, for free, and the video would be available to watch later. I’ve been wanting to play around with it for a while, so here you go.

It is a LIVE online video conference with 3 or more people. I will be using it as a way to find out if there are more people I’d like to sit down one-on-one with, to practice my interviewing skills, and to have fun. But I still plan on working on what I’ve been calling proper lounges: one-on-one, face-to-face, in person conversations.

The Video will be available afterward for anyone to view on YouTube. I will be stripping the audio from it and making an audio podcast for my premium subscribers.

If you have already lounged with me, you can also sign up. If you’ve never lounged with me, you can sign up. If you have something to plug, you can sign up, if you don’t have something to plug, you can sign up. We will likely have a topic for each show, and it will all be much fun. If these weeks go well, I will do more.

So, PLEASE sign up to be a guest. It will be fun!

Here are more details if you missed yesterday’s post.

Oh, and the “and Stuff.” Well, I’m going to check out and eat dinner/watch a movie with my dear Eddie. I think I need some NON-computer time. I might even plug my phone in the other room so I can’t look at it during the movie. All old school and whatnot.

Peace out.

Call for Guests on LannaLee On Air!

Announcing LannaLee OnAir! Edited to add on 3/27/2013: As of yesterday, We are calling this the The Live LannaLee OnAir Experiment! It’s an adventure in conversation with Lounging with LannaLee on Google+ Hangouts OnAir!

I will need guests, so here is your chance to be on the cutting edge of technology. And have a fun time from the comfort of your own home!

Click here to sign up.

Need more details? Read on.

What is it?

LannaLee OnAir brings you Lounging with LannaLee the talkshow! A half-hour to hour-long Video Podcast broadcast live on Google+ and YouTube. It’s a live video conference that anyone can watch.

When is it?

Every Sunday from April 7th to May 19th at 9 p.m. EST.

How can you watch?

Check out my Google+ or YouTube profile at 9:00 pm on Sunday nights starting April 7th.

How can you participate?

Fill out the form here:

What do you need to participate?

In order to be able to play with us, you will need the following:

  • A Google+ Account
  • A Computer with Webcam/Microphone
  • A Headset or earbuds

What Happens?

Lanna and a group of people meet in a Google+ Hangout. Well, kinda like this:

As you can see, we didn’t have headphones on, well, I found out after the fact that we should’ve been wearing them to minimize feedback. (This is because when someone else is talking their voice can be picked up by your microphone. Doh!) Lesson learned!

If you have any questions, let me know!

Want to join in on the fun? Sign up now!

Dear Dad

Dear Dad

My DadDear Dad,

How’s it going?

A year ago you died. It was also the same day Mom moved into her new trailer at the Hamlet. Your timing, per usual, was impeccable.

The plan, of course, was for both of you to live at the Hamlet. I suppose that you (and God) had other plans.

We know you wanted to make sure Mom was settled okay; she is. We know you’d want Mom to do okay; she is – considering you’re gone. We’d all much rather have you back to your former smart-ass self, making us donuts out of canned biscuits, cooking weekend breakfasts, tinkering on one of your projects, baking real biscuits, and sharing a family meal with you smacking your lips and exclaiming “It don’t get no bettah!”

We miss you.

Life has gone on.

I’ve been dyeing my hair bright pink. I told Mom I wish you’d been alive to see it, because I thought you’d like it. Mom told me you wouldn’t like it. But I told her, even if you didn’t like it, you’d be amused by it. My pink hair. You would tease me about it. No worries on that front, by the way, both Mom and Edmund give me enough grief about the hair (and I give it right back.)

Bill is doing well. He spent almost every weekend last summer helping Mom out at Camp Cull. The floor is finally in the basement. This summer might see another bathroom and sleeping area so Edmund and I can stay over. He’s still working hard up in North Anson. Taking care of business.

Ed’s Dad Henry is not doing well, the Brain cancer came back and he had a major stroke. We are waiting for the other shoe to drop. I suppose you and Dot will have some company sooner than later.

Other than that, Edmund and I are doing okay. We’re working at the same jobs; I’m going to take up balloon twisting again. I’ll need to get up the gumption to find a regular gig so I can practice, as you always said “God hates a coward!” Working on it.

Mom is exercising regularly and spending time with friends. She gave Max up last fall, it was hard but he was getting to be too much for her. He was adopted out right away, so we feel good about that. Loki the cat is still a pain in the ass. Mom’s going to take him up to camp this summer instead of leaving him in Westbrook. We still meet almost every Friday for dinner. Today we’re going to have lunch at the Mall – just like old times with you.

I miss you, Dad. I miss your sly sense of humor. I miss that twinkle in your eye when I said something particularly clever or funny. I miss your insight. I miss your delight in good food and spending time with family.

I am grateful and I feel blessed to be your daughter. You always made me feel like I could do anything I wanted to. Your delight in my successes and my snark kept me going – keeps me going.

I love you.

Your daughter,

Lanna Lee

Heart Friends

Heart Friends

Elizabeth and Edmund

Elizabeth and Edmund

One of the reasons we decided to stay over in Manchester was because we’d get the opportunity to spend time with Elizabeth. I’ve know Elizabeth since 1998 or 1999 – a very long time, and she is a dear friend to me. I was living in Boston and then New York City, and when Edmund and I moved back to Maine, the hope was that we’d get together more often. Of course we are all very busy, so we haven’t really taken advantage of the closeness. But we did today!

Elizabeth and Me!

Elizabeth and Me!

If you don’t know Elizabeth, she is fabulous. When I started Lounging with LannaLee she was on my list to lounge with. And I snapped at the chance to talk with her today. We talked about her work with Easter Seals as a resource for families who have children with autism, and a bunch of other stuff. It. Was. AWESOME. It will be publishing on Thursday, so you won’t have long to wait for it!

Poetry Slam Post

Edmund and I did a crazy thing. We drove to Manchester to watch the NorthBeast Poetry Slam.

People are slamming now. I’m going to enjoy it.

Peace out.

Thoughts of Google+ Hangouts and Salad-in-a-Jar

Thoughts of Google+ Hangouts and Salad-in-a-Jar

Last night on Lounging with LannaLee we hung out with Google+ Hangouts. And it was so much fun, I’m going to give it a go for almost every Sunday night in April and May.

A Google+ Hangout is where 2 or more people get together to video chat through the Google+ Hangouts; a video conference. It’s easy to use and its free.

Here is what we did!

The best part is, Google+ now allows people to publish the Hangouts LIVE – in Hangouts On Air, so other people can watch them WHILE you are recording it. JUST LIKE A TV show. Seriously. A little TV show on the internet. And that’s what we did last night. Granted, our TV show had low budgets and no writers, but its format was very similar to a talk show. Even better, the show got published directly to my YouTube account, so people can watch it later [Case in point – the embed above]. Amazing. Living in the future and all that rot.

I’ve been wanting to do my own Google+ Hangouts On Air for a while and now that I know HOW FREAKING EASY they are, I am all for it. So I’ll do a two month trial. And it will be good. I WILL NEED GUESTS, keep your eyes peeled here and on Lounging with LannaLee website for more details. If it goes well, I’ll keep going.

And now about the SALAD.

Salad-in-a-Jar Day 10

Salad-in-a-Jar Day 10

Here is Salad-in-a-Jar after being vacuum-packed for 10 DAYS, from May 10th to May 20th. TEN DAYS, people.

Look at that. Fresh as a daisy.

Regarding salad for a week, I have had salad for lunch every day this week (so far). When I planned this I forgot that I will be having lunch with my Mom and one of my cousins tomorrow. (I hope Mom is making lunch). So I will be eating whatever Mom is serving. And I will try the salad-for-lunch every day NEXT week.

I’ve been enjoying the salads every day. I mix up the meat between steak and chicken and NO MEAT (like on Monday), and the dressings; that has satisfied my need for variety nicely.

I am not sure I’ll be able to maintain the salad-for-lunch every day thing. And that’s okay. I do think I’ll be able to eat more salads, and that is always a good thing. Because I like salads. And apparently they’re good for me.

That is all.

Tonight: Hangout with Lounging with LannaLee

Tonight: Hangout with Lounging with LannaLee

New Lounging with LannaLee LogoThis is a cross post with Lounging with LannaLee.

Necessity is the mother of invention, isn’t that what they say? Somebody said it, I’m sure.

I find I am without a lounge for tomorrow. So it’s a perfect time for me to implement an idea I’ve had for a long, long, long-ass time: The Lounging with LannaLee Google+ hangout. I hope to be including some fun characters, like past guests from Lounging with LannaLee, and the bonus is, anyone can join in*!

Caveat – I have no idea how it will work. So this is a seat-of-the-pants endeavor. In my mind it is cool and cutting edge. I am prepared for speed bumps. So should you.

Here is what is going to happen:

  • I, and whoever wants to join in*, will Hangout on Google+ tonight (Wednesday, March 20th) at either 8 pm or 9 pm Eastern Standard Time. Time To Be Determined.
  • We will have special guests! To be determined.
  • We will talk about spring or happy joy things (as much as we can) – what brings us joy (because I need a reminder!)
  • It will be fun.
  • The hangout will be converted to Audio and shared with the Lounging with LannaLee audience as tomorrow’s new episode!

To participate:

  • You will need a webcam/microphone.
  • You should contact me so I can help coordinate, and make sure you have the right time!
  • Note: There may be a limit to the number of people who can participate, I will know more about this later.

To watch:

Updates will be shared via my Twitter account and on my Google+ account.

You will be able to watch on my Google+ account.

Note: If this goes as well as I hope it will, I will do a monthly Google+ hangout with the audio content being available only to Premium subscribers.

*There may be a limit to the number of people who can participate, I will know more about this later.

Tame the Horde

If my plans go well, I will be lounging with a rock star tomorrow afternoon. To that end, I cleaned, okay, really I neatened my office. It is still a big freaking mess.

Now it says less hording and more messy. I suppose.

Oh, and someone else can sit comfortably with me in the office, which is full of win.

Yes, I should’ve done this a while ago.

My desk though, is a portrait in hording. Le sigh. All I can say is that it could be worse, and we are working on making it better.

I didn’t warn my loungee about how messy we are. I feel insecure about it. (If he reads this post he’ll know, but if not it would be just between you and me.)

The thing about cleaning is that it feels good when I’m done. But when I’m doing it I am a master (mistress?) of finding many other things I’d rather do. Like futz around on the interwebs, watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Eat girl scout cookies, play games on my phone, talk to my husband, ad infinitum.

I think at this point we need a special episode of Horders. My husband is very generous, he would love to give stuff away if someone would use it. I too want stuff to be used well. So they bring in people who think our stuff is cool and want to use it and we’ll give it to them! It will be awesome!

However, since we’ve cleaned the bathroom recently and been working on the kitchen (we cleaned the fridge!), I don’t think we’d make the Horders cut. And for that I am grateful. And feel a bit superior.

Bookmark Hell

My bookmarks on my xmarks got screwed up, so I’ve spent the last two hours trying to fix them. How did they get screwed up? I blame Google Chrome.

It makes me angry. It should not be this difficult to figure out and I don’t have time or the patience to spend 2 freaking hours fixing my bookmarks.


/Subject Change

I don’t have an alarm clock anymore. Haven’t used one in years, since I got my first smart phone, I believe. I use my phone to wake up. Is that a thing now? Using your phone as an alarm?

I snooze the phone in the morning. Because I lose track of what I’m doing. The alarm goes off every 10 minutes to remind me to get in the damn shower. Sometimes I forget to turn it off, and then, while I am blearily washing my hair, the alarm sounds off again. Annoying and especially problematic when Edmund is still sleeping. I’ve got to get out of the shower, dripping wet, and turn it off, lest it wakes him. This morning when it happened, Edmund was already at work, so I grumpily be-bopped to the alarm until I was done. Maybe that set the tone for the day. ARGH!

/Wait, it’s related

And now the bookmark thing. Would I be less irritated if I didn’t listen to an alarm ringing for 5 to 7 minutes?

Likely not. I had to uninstall Chrome on BOTH my computers (work and Home) – edit the bookmarks on the xmarks on the xmarks server (because I had THOUSANDS of extra links, hence the problems). Set up Chrome itself to NOT update bookmarks (what got me in the trouble in the first place, methinks).

I think it’s all better now.

We’ll see.



Salad in a Jar Day 5

Salad in a Jar Day 5

I am Marinating some steak to go along with my salads for the next week. That’s right, I’m doing the salad thing, people. I’m going to eat salad for lunch every day this week.

The kicker is that we STILL have salad left over from last week. Ugh. I made some for Edmund and he didn’t eat any. And I only had salad for three days at work. I ate some for dinner last night and it was still good. The rest looks good too, so I am going to eat that stuff up!

Anyway. Off to spend the next couple of hours cooking meat and packing salads. Yay!

(and boiling eggs. Don’t forget that.)