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Last Punk Post of 2013

Happy new year and all that rot.

Little late on the last post of 2013, but since I haven’t been to sleep yet, it still counts.

Was planning on posting from the party I went to, but was having so much fun I forgot.

It was a good topper for a crappy year (that had some good points, true, but many crappy ones.) Lots of belly laughs and silliness.

Was missing Edmund.  He has to work tomorrow, so he stayed home. But we will have Thursday,  Friday and Saturday to hang out together, so it’s all good.

Now to read myself to sleep.

Last Punk Post of 2013

Happy new year and all that rot.

Little late on the last post of 2013, but since I haven’t been to sleep yet, it still counts.

Was planning on posting from the party I went to, but was having so much fun I forgot.

It was a good topper for a crappy year (that had some good points, true, but many crappy ones.) Lots of belly laughs and silliness.

Was missing Edmund.  He has to work tomorrow, so he stayed home. But we will have Thursday,  Friday and Saturday to hang out together, so it’s all good.

Now to read myself to sleep.


My goal in the next 24 hours. Make lots of cookies. Actually, it’s my goal the next 8 hours. That way, Edmund can bring some cookies with him to work tomorrow.

I’ve started making cookies again.

Ima going to say that’s a good thing.

[No bake and peanut butter cookies. aka Clown snacks.]

Today is my last day working for the year. In fact, I will be not working for the rest of the week. I am looking forward to having the next 6 days off. No plans, really. Except for getting my shit together.

Funny that: getting my shit together has been my plan for weekends/days off for the last month. And it ain’t getting together. Whoops. Here’s hoping I can spend at least some time doing that. Mkay?

Wait! I have New Year’s plans! Hanging with my pal Pat and playing games. That will be fun. Edmund has to work, so he will likely not be there. Which gives me a sad, BUT – he has Thursday-Saturday off, and we will do some fun stuff then, I’m sure.

Now I need to buy some racks. For the cookies. And some de-icer.

Good times.

Blah blah blah

A good weekend.

Blah blah blah.

Movies and food.

Blah blah blah.

Reading books.

Blah blah blah.

Nothing to write home about. I mean, it was a good weekend. But not newsworthy. Not complaining,  mind you. Just chill.

Gearing up for the New Year

Gearing up for a fresh start in 2014. To that end, I am thinking about my year goals, with the aim to inspire myself to persevere throughout.

I am using two modes of thought to plan out my year.

My 3 Words

The first will be from Chris Brogan, who every year chooses three words to help focus his “goals and efforts”. Like him, I will publish them at the first of the year.
Here is is a snippet of his reasoning:

Think of three words that sum up what you want to work actionably on changing/improving in the coming year. It works best when the words are positive in spirit and not negative. For instance: “Fat” isn’t exactly a great word, but “Fit” would be better. Think of words that give you more than just a simple goal. For instance, instead of “fit,” I’d look to go with “athlete” or “marathon runner” or some person that connects you to those goals.

Read the rest here.

Align work with values

The second will be to align my work (podcast and otherwise) with my values.

Pamela Slim has some guidelines that look like they will be very helpful for that.

It’s not that I think my work/podcast ISN’T aligned with my values, it’s that I think if my work is more aligned with my values, it will be better.

So Three Words. And Values. More on both of these concepts in the coming week.

Computers are Magical Machines

If you are paying attention (to my blag), you know that Edmund and I gifted my brother Bill with a wireless router and a Roku for Christmas. My brother is fairly new to computer ownership, he uses one at work, and recently they gave him his first working laptop to use at home. (We gave him an old laptop to use a few years ago, but it was limping along. He couldn’t watch videos on it, for instance.) So part of the gift was that, if it were needed, I’d drive the hour-and-a-half to his house and help him install the router/Roku. Not that I didn’t think he could do it, but that I knew he wasn’t entirely comfortable with the process, and wanted keep the gift as stress-free as possible. I wanted him to actually USE it.

I thought that Bill was reluctant to get a wi-fi router because he thought he didn’t need it. But it seems it was just because he didn’t want to pay for one.

I told Bill that all he had to do was follow the instructions and he should be fine. I also want it on record that I suggested he change the Wi-Fi password to something easy to remember/type.

When Bill got home Christmas afternoon, he set up his router and got it working. They suggested a password for the wi-fi, and he kept it. Bill wrote down the password, and proceeded to install the Roku Device. (You can use Roku to stream video directly to your television, without using a computer. Bill recently signed up for Amazon Prime and was previously watching video only on his computer.)

And, wouldn’t you know it, his password didn’t work.

Enter: sister-Tech-Support. Bill called me and I tried to help troubleshoot his problem over the phone. My thought is that if we could get to a place where we could change the password, we’d be golden. (You see, I am not a router-installing guru, so I would just be trying to figure it out by trial and error.) We failed. I told him I would come to visit over the weekend to get him set up.

Last night Bill called me. He watched some YouTube videos and was able to get his password figured out. I helped him figure out how to register his Roku with Amazon Prime (not an intuitive process), and he was cooking with gas! Or watching streaming video on his television!

What is my point? The point is that computers are machines. They have logic. There is a right way to do things on a computer. Any problem you have you know that it is entirely likely someone else has had the same problem. Someone else figured out how to get/view/change the wi-fi password on a router, and they were kind enough to make a video about it. And because of computer logic and rules, Bill was able to use the visual representation of the steps to solve his issue.

That said, computers are magic. Sometimes, for some inexplicable reason, they don’t work. And then you turn it off and back on again (reboot), and it suddenly starts working again. [This similar to the kicking the television, or whapping your radio.] Or something isn’t working and you ask someone to look at what you are doing over your shoulder: suddenly everyhing works again.

The Moral: When you need help: YouTube.

The Law: When in doubt: reboot.

No to Tiger Stories

Recently I re-read Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. In he talks about Anansi stories as opposed to Tiger Stories. Tiger stories are fearful. Bad things happen with Tiger stories. When you are done listening to a Tiger story, you don’t feel better, you feel worse. Sad. Scared.

Anansi stories, on the other hand, are fun, tricksy, and are meant to make you laugh. Anansi just wants to have a good time.

When I think of our media nowadays, it is full of Tiger Stories.  Fear stories.

We need more Anansi stories.

Waiting For Ham

Edmund is cooking Christmas dinner. Ham and roasted potatoes.  My tummy is growling.  I can’t wait.

Good haul for presents this year. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

As an adult I get as much pleasure out of selecting/purchasing stuff for other people as I do getting presents.  I like to get people things I think they should have but wouldn’t buy for themselves. For instance,  for my brother Bill I bought him a wi-fi router and a Roku (he just bought Amazon Prime and has been streaming videos on his computer).

I am blessed. I have wonderful Christmas memories,  and the day itself is a great opportunity to spend time with family. Eating. And teasing.

How are you doing this holiday?  Do you celebrate Christmas? 

Happy Christmas

Ed’s Mom is visiting for Christmas (staying in a nearby hotel) and we are having a nice low-key celebration with her, my Mom and my brother Bill.

This morning I wrapped presents, and  ate puffed Cheetos. Chris (Edmund’s Mom) came over this afternoon to hang out. While Ed worked away in his office and later took a nap, Chris and I watched a couple of Christmas movies.  First a Bob Hope movie, and then we watched Elf.

We met Mom and Bill at Mom’s house for dinner: a French Dip cooked in a crockpot. Delicious.  And plenty of desserts. 

Then we hung out for a while.  Bill is the only one of us without some sort of smart gadget. At one point he was the only one not looking at a screen. Doh.

In other news, my Mom has figured out how upload pictures from her newish iPhone to Facebook.  I did not show her. She figured it out on her own. Kudos to her, I suppose.  Now the likelihood of embarrassing pictures of myself on the Internet will increase exponentially. Good times.

Tomorrow: presents and ham and more family. Then: Doctor Who party!

Angry Birds is evil and I should delete it from my phone

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Clown snacks

I made clown snacks today. Have I told you about clown snacks?

When I lived in Boston, after I stopped working as Bingo the Clown at the Ground Round, I joined the Greater Boston Clowns of America,  Alley 54 in Salem Mass. We met once a month, and everyone took turns bringing snacks.

When I made snacks often I’d make no-bake cookies, graham cracker bars and Maybe peanut butter cookies. Because at one time I went to the meetings by taking the commuter rail, I would bring the snacks with me to work. One of my co-workers, who knew about my clown proclivities,  when she saw them would ask me about my clown snacks. “Those your clown snacks? ”

Funny, I don’t remember the woman’s name OR even what she looked like. However, I’ve been calling these items Clown Snacks ever since.


Woke up too early. Went shopping instead of going back to bed.

Also – forgot to blag. So again I’m cheating.

Friday good.

(I forgot to blag Friday. Here is my cheat.)

Good Day

Work had our annual holiday party today. We had lunch at a fancy restaurant with cocktails and everything. I drank Coke. It was good. I ate lots of good food.

Afterward,  I tried to get my oil changed at Sears. Edmund was right. Going to the mall before Christmastime is a bad idea.

So I went to Sam’s Club instead. And bought a metric ton of kitty litter – ok 84 pounds. And a bunch of other things.  Including gummy bears and lot of Parmesean Cheese. (I am writing this on my phone and I have no idea if I spelled Parmesean right, but I’m going with it.) And a big bag of frozen blueberries. 

Because of my big lunch, I was not ready for a proper dinner. So later in the evening I ate some frozen blueberries with yogurt. It was good.

I also bought some Christmas presents.  But that’s all top secret and stuff. So I can’t tell you about that.

A good day.

Sheila Radziewicz: Spinning Fire and Tae Kwon Do Inspiration

Sheila Radziewicz: Spinning Fire and Tae Kwon Do Inspiration

Sheila Radziewicz Spinning Fire

This is Sheila. She is Spinning Fire.
Photo Courtesy Sheila Radziewicz

I’ve known Sheila for several years, over 10. Maybe longer. She’s just this dude, you know? She’s regular people. Fun to hang around with. To talk to. To soak in a hot tub with. She spins fire. She does Tae Kwon Do. She inspires people. She inspires ME.

Now what makes Sheila so inspiring is that she does not take no for an answer and works her butt off. She was born with TARs, as she says: “a rare genetic disability and doctors expected me not to survive.” She survived, alright. Not only did she survive, she thrives – and puts many people (myself included) to shame. She earned her Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and has been featured in a Korean documentary about her achievement. She’s a motivational speaker. She codes her own website!

Sheila Radziewicz

Sheila showing her moves
Photo Courtesy Sheila Radziewicz

For the past few months Sheila has been writing her life’s story, and she is now ready to publish it. To do so, she is doing a bit crowd-sourcing through GoFundMe. If you have a few extra bucks, would you consider passing them her way. I can’t express enough how much I want her to succeed in this. She has a fantastic and inspirational story that should be shared far and wide. Here’s what Sheila says about her campaign:

Sheila Radziewicz

Sheila Radziewicz: Impossible Only Takes a Little Longer
Photo Courtesy Sheila Radziewicz

I was born with TARs a rare genetic disability and doctors expected me not to survive. I have spent my life succeeding when others said I would not! Today I spin fire staff, have a second degree black belt in tae kwon do, scuba dive, and I am an inspirational speaker. My book is all about me becoming independent while living with a disability. Visit my website

As my Dad alway would say to me, What are the last four letters of American? I CAN!

So please, Click the Link. Help make this possible so Sheila can inspire even more people!

A day in the life of Sheila: