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Crappy Christmas Movies

Not totally in the Christmas mood, and been watching mostly Buffy and Angel lately, but tonight I watched a couple crappy Christmas movies while switching to a new modem and installing my brand new printer.

I watched John Denver in The Christmas Gift – until he started singing musical-style. Did not work for me.

NOw watching a movie on the Hallmark Channel. And the waterworks have begun.

And now I am crying at a commercial instead of fast forwarding through it.

The lead actor looks like a cute Tom Cruise.

The crying. It happens with the Hallmark thing.

Angel time

Been watching Angel all day. Not as good as Buffy, but it’ll do in a pinch. Napped too.

Turning in for the night. Ready for more sleep.

Catch ya later.

Hobbit Hangover

Hobbit Hangover

Four Poster Set we got at the IMAX showing of The Hobbit

Four Poster Set we got at the IMAX showing of The Hobbit

The cure for a Hobbit hangover is apparently glutting on Cracker Barrel lunch and watching Buffy the Vampire slayer all afternoon.

Had a great time last night. Ended out with less than 4 hours of sleep. And had a full day of doctor’s appointment and shopping and lunch with my mom and her Aunt Beverly and her daughters Janet and Brenda. Then I went home and watched Buffy. I did not fall asleep in front of the television. I could see myself doing it, falling asleep, but it never happened. Funny thing about Buffy – I finished the series. Done. No more. And that is okay.

Now I’ve stared watching Angel (the Buffy spin-off series).

Fun thing – we got some super awesome posters from the IMAX showing of the movie. Mom and I each got a set. And since Mom has no interest in Hobbits or Dwarves, she gave her set to me.

Which begged the question: What should I do with these posters?

I’ll tell you what, I’m going to throw them in with the December drawing for my LannaLee Lounge Lizard mailing list. Sweetness!

Bilbo Baggins: From Four Poster Set we got at the IMAX showing of The Hobbit Gandalf: From Four Poster Set we got at the IMAX showing of The Hobbit
Gollum: From Four Poster Set we got at the IMAX showing of The Hobbit Thorin: From Four Poster Set we got at the IMAX showing of The Hobbit

I still say Thorin Oakenshield is too hot.

The Hobbit

The Hobbit

The Hobbit - Gandalf and BilboOMG. It is finally time! Tonight, at midnight, I will be enjoying The Hobbit at the Saco Cinemagic IMAX theatre. I hope I can stay awake!

This will be after a busy day of working and Tweet Upping.

I’ve long been a fan of Tolkien’s The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, so this is a fairly momentous occasion. For me. [I requested Friday off when I found out when The Hobbit opened].

Anyway. Maybe the funnest part is that my Mom is coming with me. My Mom is not a huge movie goer, and she is not known for her love of Fantasy or science fiction, so it is quite a stretch. But going to see a movie at midnight is kinda crazy and when you’re retired, you have plenty of time to recover. I hope she likes the movie. And that she doesn’t get bored.

Should be a great time.

The Hobbitt - The Dwarves
Click to embiggen
Geek moment: Can we talk about these dwarves? Since when are dwarves hot? Seriously? Thorin is just a bit too delicious. And for that matter, so is Kili. I better not get a crush on one of these guys. That would not be fair.

Tonight: me, my Mom and some Hobbit action! Can’t wait.

Small Towns and Power Outages and Stuff

Small Towns and Power Outages and Stuff

Becky Lounged with LannaLee and got a couch!Monday I posted I was going to sew. While I was gearing up to cut fabric or print labels or something or other, I had a power outage. In my office. Due to a faulty power strip (which has been since disposed of), which tripped the circuit breaker. Only my office was involved. Which was good for me. But that meant I couldn’t sew.

No worries. I could watch Buffy! My hopes of a Buffy marathon were dashed when I realized the internet lives in my office and consequently was off for the evening. [I watch Buffy on Amazon Prime, which is access by the internets.]

Last night I could’ve continued with my sewing plans. Instead I had a bit of a Buffy marathon. Making up for lost time.

Tonight I’m working on the next Lounging with LannaLee episode, and I realize, I should’ve told you guys about last week’s episode with Becky McCray. So I’m doing it. We had a delightful conversation about small towns, doing business in small towns and how small towns have an advantage over cities. You should take a listen.

Tomorrow night I’m doing something really fun. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

A blag cliffhanger it is!

Work Busy. Buffy Good.

Work kicked it up a notch today, so tonight I vegged on the couch and watched Buffy.

On the last season, thank goodness. Gearing up go the end of the world. Again.

Still crushing on Spike. Edmund offered to bleach his hair to look like Spike. Apparently, Ed was joking.

Busy week. On my way to snooze-town.

Sew What

Sew What

Trisha models her handmade lootGot to make couches and whatnot tonight. Hoping my printer can limp through until I can afford to buy a new one.

Gotta Sew.

But first I suppose I should organize. Whooptidoo. My office is piles of books, bags of fabric, things falling over and Star Trek on my teevee.

This calls for tea.

A nice mint Tea. With honey.

I love spearmint tea. It is yummy.

Spock is a smarty pants.

My mind is a jumble of disconnected connected thoughts.

Going to get that tea.

A day in pictures

A day in pictures

Dad's Headstone is installed

Overall, we had a great day up in Guilford/Dover-Foxcroft Yesterday. We visited remembrances of those who’ve passed. Shared bounty with a friend. Ate some adorable food. And through a Yankee Swap, we have a happy camper.

Good times.

Here is the November Drawing prize for one lucky LannaLee Lounge Lizard

Here is the November Drawing prize for one lucky LannaLee Lounge Lizard

November Prize for LannaLee Lounge Lizards

November Prize for LannaLee Lounge Lizards click to enbiggen

Every month I will be drawing a name from the LannaLee Lounge Lizard mailing list. The person who wins will get a gift bag with bunches of goodies.

If you would like to get a chance to win, and be entered to win your own gift bag, click here and follow the instructions.

Each winner will be randomly drawn. First I assign a number to each person, then I use a random number generator to generate said number.

Here is what is in the first gift bag:

I bought or made all of these items.

Our first winner of the LannaLee Lounge Lizard is my pal Trisha Smith. Normally I will mail the package to the recipient, especially if they live a couple of hours away. Fortuitously, today I will be in Trisha’s neighborhood and will be able drop this stuff off personally. I will take pictures, for sure!


Tomorrow Mom, Eddie and I are going to drive up to Guilford for the day to go to a Christmas Party. A family Christmas party. [Mom’s side of the family. Sorry Dad’s side of the family.]

It’s a potluck. And we’re supposed to bring a gift for the Yankee Swap. And my Mom is an enabler. Because she is making my potluck contribution for me. And for Edmund. And for my brother Bill.

Mom also bought Bill’s Yankee Swap gift, more of as a way to make sure he comes to the party; get rid of the objections she does. I learned a lot from my mother.

Edmund and I bought our gifts. Well, not exactly. Edmund bought his Yankee Swap Gift. I tried to buy mine, but I got caught, and my pal (who owns the shop) gave it to me for free. I was TRYING to be sneaky. Not spilling his name here because I want to try to keep an air of mystery for tomorrow.

I love potlucks, buy the way. Everyone makes their best dish (or in Mom’s case, dishes).

Today we had our office Holiday party. It was NOT a potluck. We usually have a Yankee Swap and a potluck, but the powers that be decided to hold it at a local Fancy restaurant instead. We had a blast.

If you are keeping count, what with Edmund’s work party last night, my work party today and tomorrow’s family party I will be PARTIED OUT come Sunday.

Live Blagging from Edmund’s Company Holiday Party

Ed’s talking with friends.

Now I’m watching him bowl.

We’re at Bayside Bowl in Portland.

I don’t wanna bowl.

Edmund has his own bowling shoes. And a set of big balls. For bowling, natch.

It’s a fun party.

I’m the designated driver. Everyone gets 2 drink tickets. I gave my drink tickets to Edmund. He is likely to get a little toasted tonight.

It’s raucous in here, with the hooting and hollering.

Ed’s helping some guy with his ball.

Just found out Edmund has an office boyfriend before Edmund did. Was told it was a true bromance. Ed’s response: “we’re buddies…”

I am cuter than the office boyfriend. Thank all that is holy.

I will say, Todd (the office boyfriend) has a funny t-shirt on.

I have an annoying zit on my cheek.

Eddie is cool, with the fist bumping and the strike making.

Listening to Bob Marley and You can Too

Listening to Bob Marley and You can Too

George Hamm, Me, and Bob Marley

George Hamm, Me, and Bob Marley

Listening to a new premium Lounging with LannaLee episode, a short conversation where I ask Comedian Bob Marley 5 questions. The episode will drop on Friday December 7th.

Lounging with LannaLee Premium is a paid subscription service, however, for one week only, until Friday, December 14th, I will leave the Bob Marley episode open so that my LannaLee Lounge Lizards can listen to it for free. Do you know what this means? That’s right, if you become a LannaLee Lounge Lizard, you too can listen for free! What a bargain!

For One Week Only, LannaLee Lounge Lizards Can Listen to Premium Bob Marley episode for free

How do you do this? It’s simple.

How to Listen to episode for free

  1. Click on this link.
  2. Enter your email in field (located in post OR the right sidebar)
  3. Click Submit

On Friday you’ll get an email telling you how to access the episode.

Special bonus, if you become a premium subscriber you can access all past and future Premium episodes, like episode that will launch tomorrow, where I asked Comedian George Hamm 5 questions. And he LIKED IT!

Gloom, Despair, and Agony on Me

Okay. So it’s not THAT bad.

[This song always makes me laugh.]

I’m doing

I’m doing

Don’t ask me how I’m doing, because I might lie to you. Or say “I’m doing.” The lie: “I’m fine.”

Well, when I look at what has gone on over the past year and look objectively at how I am faring day to day, I suppose I’m faring well, considering.

But every day is a struggle. And sometimes I need to spend the weekend watching Buffy and not doing the things I wanted to do/told myself I would do.

And on those days it’s hard to engage with social media or blogging blagging, because I don’t have anything to say. Positive or negative. And I know if I try to fake it, everything will come out wrong. So I don’t.

I might be coddling myself too much. I don’t know. More likely: being too hard on myself. Whatever.

Dad's service flag in its case

Dad’s service flag in its case

On the good news front, Mom got the case for Dad’s service flag in the mail today. It was fortuitous, I was visiting for dinner, laundry and errands, so I was there to help out (only a little bit) and take pictures.

Mom remarked that “Your father would have loved this.” And we laughed when we realized the only reason he got the flag was because he died.

She’s right, he would have loved the flag. He was proud of his service to his country. And so are we.

This is my post

So I can maintain my post-every-day cred.