Angel Dreams

First, some context: I work as a programmer analyst for a Market research firm. We do online surveys, hand-fill in surveys, focus groups, the whole shebang. Whenever we have a survey, it is my job to take the data and create crosstabs to the specification of our research analysts: they tell me what they want to analyze and I figure out how to show the survey results so they can do their analysis quickly and easily. To do this, I use two programs, SPSS and Wincross. I also make sure we don’t have duplicate respondents for our surveys or duplicate emails in our mailouts. It is very geeky stuff I do.

I dreamt of Angel last night. The Angel of the Buffy Universe. And I used my programmer analyst skills to help him fight demons.

This is what I typed out when I woke up right after the dream.

Was doing data tables for Angel, offering him a volumetric. Mailing lists important in an action adventure way, following it like a path, trail ensuring no dupes.

We were at the Hyperion Hotel, and we were pacing around. I was thinking that the mailing list we sent out was GREAT, it had no duplicates, and we’d get the answers we want. And then I was thinking “We need some volumetrics up in here!” I’m not even sure I understand volumetrics, mind; I know what buttons to push and what codes to put in there. But they’d help us fight those demons!