Empathy Low

My empathy has been low of late. It’s still there, but if I activate my empathy, I become a bit too sad.

It hurts too much to feel for others, I’m having a hard enough time feeling for myself.

What with what is going on these days, the bad things I won’t (can’t) think about, I am focusing on the positive. The happy.

But it is so hard.

As a holiday, I love Christmas. The music, the hanging out with family, the crappy Christmas movies. But, obviously, with Dad gone, Christmastime is bittersweet.

Did you know my Dad had created a wall light switch so he could turn the Christmas lights on and off with a flick of the button? He also created a light switch for the Christmas lights for the tree.

I am glad my family is going to visit with Edmund’s parents for Christmas. Ed’s dad will be home from rehab, it will be nice to see everyone. I am exited to see them, but also a bit trepidatious.

To that end, I will continue to avoid negative or devastating news stories. They hurt too much and my empathy is needed at home.