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A Good Day

A Good Day

Had a good day. Got a new battery for my car, got to work on time, put in my hours, went out to dinner with my Momz then helped her put up her Christmas Tree. Then I got some fixings for meatloaf, which I’ll make for dinner tomorrow night. Should be yummy.

It’s nice to see a smile like that on my Mom’s face.

The margaritas helped, for sure.

Last year Edmund won a prize for being the best bowler at his office Christmas party. It was a $50 gift card to Chili’s (one of my favorites). Shortly after he got it, he lost the card.

Fast forward to this past weekend: what was lost was now found! Yay!

I invited Mom to go with me to Chili’s for dinner tonight, courtesy of Edmund’s sweet bowling talent. And we had a blast.

We got the dinner for 2, not the chintzy $20 meal with the appetizer and two entrees, we went all out and got the $35 meal which also included a dessert and TWO margaritas. Which meant that Mom had two margaritas. Because I don’t like them. (And I was driving.)

It was my suggestion, one that my Mom was fully on board with.

After the dinner we went back to my Mom’s place and did this:

Yup. It was a good day.