30 Days

30 Days

This was my last Coke for 30 Days

This was my last Coke for 30 Days

I made it 30 Days without Coca Cola. Hooray!

And the thing is: it was difficult only sometimes. Like the time Edmund and I went to see a movie with our friend Gennyfer and I hadn’t remembered about the Coke thing. But I had Pink Lemonade instead. And the time forgetful Edmund ordered me a Coke at the restaurant. The rest of the month went about the same as I described in this post: My Little “Coke” Experiment.

Here is a recap of my goals:

So from now until end-of-day November 4th I will quit drinking Coca-Cola.

Here is a list of my goals:

  • No Coke for 30 days

  • No substitute soda
  • Try to make own tea as much as possible
  • Drink water (ugh)

If I fall off the wagon, I have to start the 30 days over again. This is an important rule. Because one of the reasons why I think this will work is because I am not telling myself I can NEVER have a Coke again. I don’t think I could make it if I did. Instead, I am going to give it up for 30 days with the hopes of only having it for special occasions. I was drinking a lot less of it, but then things went all crazy with school and with my Dad and I kinda didn’t want to quit. I couldn’t bring myself too. Guess I’m ready to break the chain. For 30 days.

Fortunately I didn’t fall off the wagon. Because, you know what that means? I can drink Coke again! Yay!

However, my plan is to keep up the non-Coca Cola thing at home AND at work. I will keep drinking Coke only for special. Like, for instance, this week I’m traveling to Kansas. If I go to a restaurant that is serving Coke I might partake.

The thing is, I did notice something. I’m not sure if I’m feeling any better or not. But my cankles have receded over the last month. I don’t really talk about my cankles. I mean, if you had cankles would you talk about them? Probably not.

And it’s nice not to “have to” have Coke. I mean, a couple of times I drank WATER. And I LIKED it!

I’m pretty sure this is the longest time I’ve gone without any kind of soda since childhood. I bet this will make me a better person.