My Little “Coke” Experiment

My Little “Coke” Experiment

This was my last Coke for 30 Days

This was my last Coke for 30 Days

So far, so good! No Coke since October 4th! I’ve been tried a couple of times.

Here is a recap of what I’m doing, from my original post:

So from now until end-of-day November 4th I will quit drinking Coca-Cola.

Here is a list of my goals:

  • No Coke for 30 days

  • No substitute soda
  • Try to make own tea as much as possible
  • Drink water (ugh)

If I fall off the wagon, I have to start the 30 days over again. This is an important rule. Because one of the reasons why I think this will work is because I am not telling myself I can NEVER have a Coke again. I don’t think I could make it if I did. Instead, I am going to give it up for 30 days with the hopes of only having it for special occasions. I was drinking a lot less of it, but then things went all crazy with school and with my Dad and I kinda didn’t want to quit. I couldn’t bring myself too. Guess I’m ready to break the chain. For 30 days.

So far, I have hit every single goal. Not only have I not had Coke, I haven’t had any carbonated soda since October 4th.

Work was my problem place. I was drinking 2 or more Cokes a day. I still drink coffee and to substitute with Coke I make myself tea, Celestial Seasonings Herb Tea, Tangerine Orange Zinger, which tastes good hot or cold. I have a system and this week I hit my stride. Hey, I’ll do a pictorial next week, it’s quite a process.

At home quitting Coke not an issue. I started not drinking Coke at home a couple of years ago, sure I’d cheat now and again, but usually I would not have it in the house. My substitute for Coke was Arizona Iced Tea. But now I’m also cutting out pre-made iced tea (had to drink the rest in the house first). This weekend is my first weekend making my own tea at home. And my new challenge is to find a good system to do so. I’d rather make a bunch at once than keep making individual portions.

Going out: this is where I am most likely to take up drinking Coke again, dining at a restaurant. For now I’m substituting iced tea.

So far so good.