In Which I Pretend Asking For Money Doesn’t Make Me Uncomfortable

In Which I Pretend Asking For Money Doesn’t Make Me Uncomfortable

Lounging with LannaLee Goes On the RoadI lied. I’m just going to say it: asking for money makes me uncomfortable. But I am in a place where I need help from my community so I can do something very important to me. Let me break it down for you.

I’ve been asked to speak at the #140conf SmallTown: Exploring the State of NOW in Small Towns conference in Hutchinson, Kansas. To help me I started this indiegogo campaign which served a dual purpose, raising money to travel to Kansas plus promoting my Lounging with LannaLee podcast and its growth.

Thank you to my friends and family who have already contributed. My heart swells with gratitude.

By Sunday (yesterday) morning, with 15 days to go, I had raised $250. $150 on the indiegogo and $100 via a private separate donation. -$2750 from my “OMG I’m doing this big” goal, and about the -$1250 from the “Let’s DO THIS” goal. And you know what I was most sad about? That I wouldn’t get the chance to tell my story of how Facebook and blogging helped me and my family cope with my father’s sudden illness and death. How the Facebook community held us as we went through the worst days of our lives. How their comments and “Likes” buoyed us. How we felt connected with people hundreds and thousands of miles away. This story needs to be told.

I’m gunning for the “Let’s DO THIS” goal and hoping for the “OMG I’m doing this big” goal.

I chose indiegogo for this project because it allows you to take all the funds you’ve earned regardless of whether you make the goal or not. When I applied to speak at the Small Town conference, I expected to be able to pony up part of the dough. Unforeseen circumstances have circumvented this, my husband Edmund‘s father had a recurrence of brain cancer, and Edmund lost a month of work. Unavoidable. But it puts our finances in such a state that I cannot use our household money to make this trip, and my personal money is being used to pay bills. We’ll be fine. Edmund’s parents have helped us out a bit and we’re chipping away at the rest. That said, my trip to Kansas hinges on your help.

Current fundraising total: $537

Yesterday I told my spiritual family about the project and its importance to me. And they chipped in! As of right now, I’ve raised a total of $537 – $215 on indiegogo and $322 in cash and checks. If I can get another $1000 in the next couple of weeks, I might even be able to rent a car when I’m in Kansas!

I have backed and funded many Kickstarter and indiegogo campaigns. I will again. I hope that you will be kind enough to fund my campaign. I took time to develop incentives and perks that are fun and unusual because I want you to choose them. I WANT to be making you cool stuff in exchange for your contribution. Check out the selection or leave a suggestion in the comments.

Please believe in me and support this endeavor.

It’ll make you stronger and better looking!