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Homey Home

Home. Me and my heart.

Have tons of online stuff to do, but I decided not to turn on my computer.

Typing this on my smartphone. From bed.

Time for sleeps.

At The Mythic Arts Festival

At The Mythic Arts Festival


Here is a picture. Thus concludes my post.

Wow. Crazy Week

Wow. Crazy Week

With both good, bad, and indifferent stuff happening.

Right now I in the middle of good. Hanging with my Pal Brenna, building her her own blog (blag).

So I leave you with this picture from another part of the good, from the Lounging with LannaLee Salon we had last night:

Rachel, Lanna and Greg

Rachel, Lanna and Greg. From the inaugural Lounging with LannaLee Salon night. #lllsalon
Photo Credit: Keith Luke from

Update From The Lounge. Plus, @ChrisBrogan is a Liar

Update From The Lounge. Plus, @ChrisBrogan is a Liar

Chris lounged with LannaLee and Got a couch!

Chris lounged with LannaLee and Got a couch!

It’s a fantastic Day for the Lounge. My conversation with Chris Brogan launched today PLUS I get to hang out with 5 of my favorite Maine Twitterers to do a group Digital Salon Lounging event.

Here is what I wrote about tonight’s event on the Lounging website.

Cabot Creamery’s Consumer Lifestyle Commentator & Favorite Foodie Candace Karu will host a dinner party/Salon with delicious food and scintillating conversation; this episode will premiere on October 4th, 2012.

Along with Candace and Lanna Lee, the Lounging with LannaLee Salon will include notable guests: WPOR 101.9 Morning Show Personality Rachel Flehinger, Artist/Graphic Designer/Ad Man/Marketer Greg Daly, Photograher Keith Luke, Writer/Producer Alex Steed. The guests will discuss “The Life of the Creative.” Gift bags will be generously provided courtesy of Allie Munier from the popular blog Broke207.

And the Twitters have been twittering!


And then this happened:



Yup. Pretty good day for the lounge. Best thing: the day isn’t half over yet.

Edited to add: Go on over and listen to my conversation with Chris Brogan, will you?


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Mainers: Help Me Represent Maine at Small Town 2012

Mainers: A week-and-a-half ago, I asked for help in my indiegogo campaign to raise money to go to Kansas in November to speak at the #140conf SmallTown: Exploring the State of NOW in Small Towns conference.

Here is why this may be of interest to you.

  • I will make cool stuff for you in exchange for your generous contribution
  • The State of Now 140 Small Town 2012 conference has only 20 states represented in its speakers and I am the only Maine speaker.
  • My topic is Another Glorious Day in Suck City: How Facebook and blogging help my family cope with my father’s terminal illness
  • I will share my trip with the world! Start in Maine, end in Kansas. Turn around and go back again.

So far, I’ve raised $145. [$100 was sent to me as a check by a relative, and therefore is not reflected in the total.] I have a long way to go.

Please believe in me and support this endeavor.

It’ll make you stronger and better looking!


I tweeted this today:

True story. I dreamt of a giant crab. It was ambling across the floor. And I taunted it. Just for fun. It swelled in size and I turned tail and ran. Laughing-like. But scared.

We’re leaving tomorrow morning. Henry is doing much better. I have hope that he will recover enough so he can go home. He wants to. And we’ve seen an improvement since we got here on Saturday. In fact:

We are glad to be going home. We’re worried about what’s to come over the next few months. Maine to Pennsylvania is a long trip. One of those times where you wish money was no object.

The best news is that Henry is doing better. And he’s improving every, single, day.

Too Tired To Post

Today was good. Not great, but good.

Need some sleep.

Have a great night.

Bedside Sunday

Been hanging out with Ed’s Dad, Henry. He’s in hospital. Things are going as well as they can be expected.

As I said yesterday, we were not planning on coming to Allentown. I was planning on napping. In my bed. Instead, I napped in the car on 495/90/91 – on a lot of highways and byways.

Today the Hospice coordinator dropped by to discuss our options. Over the course of the discussion it became clear that Henry still had some more fight in him. He is going to give rehab another go; a different rehab, hopefully one that has a better handle on patients who have a double whammy of a brain tumor plus an operating-table stroke.

Henry wants to go home and walk around and enjoy the rest of his life. Right now his left side is paralyzed (due to the stroke). The only way he can give it the old college try is by doing the rehab. Any better movement (sitting up by himself, being able to move himself from bed to wheelchair) will be an improvement.

It could happen.

He is not quite ready for Hospice, which doesn’t cover rehab, it covers palliative care only.

What will not happen is chemotherapy, radiation treatment or any other life-sustaining measures. We are not going to worry too much about high blood pressure or fatty foods. There will be no extraordinary measures taken with his care. Right now rehab gives Henry his best chance at regaining his mobility.

Henry is laying in his hospital bed, listening to jazz and blues on an iPod shuffle while tapping his (right) foot and talking about Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Big Band music, and Dizzy Gillespie. No need to talk back. Henry’s got you covered.

Pennsylvania Time

My day turned from a lazy, nappy Saturday to a whirlwind trip to Allentown Pennsylvania. Ed’s Dad has refused further extraordinary efforts; he’s ready to go into in-patient hospice. He wanted us to be here. So we came.

Back on the roller coaster, to paraphrase my Mom.

If you’re late to the party, my father died last March (lung cancer).

Henry had his second brain tumor removed a couple of weeks ago. (The first tumor was in 2008.) He also had a stroke on the operating table, he has paralysis on his left side. He was in the rehab, getting so he could get in a wheelchair by himself so he could go home. Thursday he was vomiting blood (ulcer) and was transferred back to the hospital.

We’re here. Settling in. I’m doing okay. Henry was very glad to see us. Which means we made the right decision.

Tomorrow we meet with the Hospice people.

Ed says, “Tonight we play with the kitties.”



Old Router

Old Router

This is our old Router. We’ve had it since 2004. Maybe 2005. Let’s say 2005. It has served us well since then. I’ve enjoyed its service. Edmund and I have several wireless devices that use it (phones, Kindle Fire, laptops) and we’ve not noticed any real issues until this week. When our wonderful router shit the bed.

It was failing since last weekend. In my mind I was blaming FairPoint. Even though the only issue we’ve had with them was when the hornets had a nest in our phone pole. And they got rid of the hornets nest quickly and without complaint. This time, we’d go to a webpage and get a message that the site was not available and that the DNS was not found. The problem even happened even with this webpage. Which was troubling. And annoying. While I continued to curse FairPoint, in my mind, the router limped along, like a trouper. Last night I got the stupid not-available-no-DNS error one time too many. I called FairPoint. Which was illuminating. I bypassed the modem and went straight to the computer. It worked! Confirmation that the router was gone by. Passed on. No more. Taking a dirt nap.

Westell Model 2200 modem

Westell Model 2200 modem

Wait. I said the call to FairPoint was illuminating, didn’t I? It was indeed. Edmund and I moved to Maine in 2005. We got set up right away with Verizon (now FairPoint) and this beauty, a Westell Model 2200 modem. Fabulous, isn’t it. Look at its grey goodness. Come to find out, FairPoint no longer uses these modems. (We’ve had it for over 7.5 years!) Because of this, we will be getting a shiny new modem in a few days. For the free. That’s exciting, isn’t it!

Shiny New ROUTER

Shiny New ROUTER

Today we bought a NEW ROUTER (box pictured to the left). Shiny! Note that our previous router was 54 Mbps. This router is 300Mbps! That’s like, A LOT FASTER! Plus it was very easy to set up.

Good times.

Internet Snafus

Our Internet is borked. Is it the router? I don’t know.

Anyway, limping along here without the router. Yay!

Going back to trouble shoot. Maybe I’ll go to bed early?

My Phone

I think it’s time to accept it. My phone is not going to recover from it’s swim in the toilet.

le sigh.

In the scheme of things, this is but a bump. A wrinkle. A minor annoyance. It rankles to have to pay to get a replacement, but fortunately we have the insurance. I won’t have to pay more than $100. [Unless I can convince them I had NOTHING to do with the liquid trapped behind the screen.]

It’s suspended in rice still. Hoping against hope that the screen will be clear of water when I wake up tomorrow. [That will make it 48 hours suspended in rice. Maybe it will! Still hoping.]

It’s not quite time for me to desperately need my phone. That won’t be until next week.

le sigh.

Please support my indiegogo campaign to fund my trip to Kansas for the #140conf SmallTown: Exploring the State of NOW in Small Towns conference. Let’s take Lounging with LannaLee ON THE ROAD. TO THE NEXT LEVEL!

Eddie’s Home!

Eddie’s Home!


Eddie stops by my work in Kennebunk on his way home to Westbrook. (Taken 9/17/2012)

Edmund came home yesterday. That’s a good thing. His Dad is in the rehab hospital close to where he lives in Allentown Pennsylvania. The brain surgery was a success, but we do not yet know what the far-reaching implications will be.

For now I will be grateful that Eddie is back home. I missed him a lot while he was away.

Please support my indiegogo campaign to fund my trip to Kansas for the #140conf SmallTown: Exploring the State of NOW in Small Towns conference. Let’s take Lounging with LannaLee ON THE ROAD. TO THE NEXT LEVEL!

You Are My Inner Circle – I Need Your Help

I need $750.00 by the end of the week to go on the Road.

I have my indiegogo campaign going on to raise money so I can go to Hutchinson Kansas to speak at the #140conf SmallTown: Exploring the State of NOW in Small Towns conference. [This message details what I will be talking about.]

So far I have raised $5! Woo Hoo! I have a looooong way to go, but I’m grateful for that start.

Here is why I need to ask

I cannot afford to go without your help.

  • It takes a non-trivial sum to get to Kansas. I am asking for $3000 (that’s a best case, do it up crazy, scenario) if I get half of that, I can still get to Kansas.
  • The Money I make in my full-time job needs to go toward our household bills. Edmund’s Dad is sick and Ed needed to go on the family medical leave this month; that is time he doesn’t get paid. We will not have extra money in the budget. Especially for a train or plane ticket. Your money will help me realize a dream.
  • Lounging with LannaLee does not yet make money.I am going in part for Lounging with LannaLee. If LLL was a venture that made money, I could go as a legit business trip. That is not the case. Your contribution will help LLL grow and get to a place where it might attract sponsors and hence become a revenue stream.

Why I am asking now

If you are reading my blag you must have some sort of connection with me, whether it’s through social networking or real life. I will be talking about how Social Media, this blog, Facebook and my podcast helped me cope with my father’s illness. I thought I would be able to swing the travel fees on my own, but then life got in the way.

I want this to be FUN: I chose to do fun perks because I want to be able to thank you profusely for your contribution. I hope to be madly writing poems, blowing India Ink, and sewing monsters and couches. It would be very cool to MAX out on all the perk levels.

The indiegogo page has this hint:

Your Inner Circle
The first 25% of your goal should come from your closest friends, family and fans. Your inner circle includes people who will support your project because they know and believe in you. Use your inner circle to jumpstart your fundraising effort and to spread the word about your campaign.

This is a critical time in the campaign. If I don’t get a respectable number of contributions for the campaign, I might not be able to attract donors from outside my circle. If the 25% figure is correct I should have close to $750 from my friends and family. Will you help me attain that goal?

If 30 people contribute $25 each; if 10 people contribute $75; I will be well on my way.

Please believe in me and support this endeavor.

It’ll make you stronger and better looking!



Bee Lounged with LannaLee and got a couch!

Bee Lounged with LannaLee and got a couch!

I published my indiegogo campaign last night to fund my trip to Kansas for the #140conf SmallTown: Exploring the State of NOW in Small Towns conference. It’s a big deal, and I won’t be able to go without monetary help. So I am asking my friends and family and acquaintances who read my blag and/or listen to the podcast and/or are totally in love with me and think I’m awesome to consider helping me out by donating to the cause. Please.

The best way for me to get donations from people who don’t know me, but might think the project is cool, is to have some proof that people love the project. If you were planning on giving anyway, PLEASE do it right now.

Supporting Lounging with LannaLee will make you SMARTER & BETTER LOOKING!*

Here is a link to my latest podcast with Bee Round. This episode of Lounging with LannaLee is EXACTLY why I seek people out to have heart-to-heart conversations. These chats are fun, revealing, and life affirming. I need to keep on doing this, and my goal is to break out of Maine and New England region to talk to people who might have a different perspective. Take a listen, and you’ll know what I mean.

And please give. Thank you.

*No doctors where consulted for this claim.