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Saturday: From the LLL Vault – Alex Steed @AlexSteed

Saturday: From the LLL Vault – Alex Steed @AlexSteed

Alex Steed

Alex Steed is holding a couch. Of Awesome!

Hey! While Edmund and I are off doing some poetry and eating some meat, why don’t you enjoy this blast from the past. The very first episode of Lounging with LannaLee featuring the incomparable Alex Steed!

Alex is a great sport and we had an excellent conversation. Right out of the gate with AWESOME!

Here is what I said about the episode:

LannaLee and Alex Steed talk about, Kickstarter, Facebook/Are you really my friend?, and Twitter. Alex lets Lanna know just what a Community Digital Specialist is. And he answers 10 questions. Lounging with LannaLee inaugural episode.

Click it! Commence to the listening!