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My VanThe Maheux-/Davis-Quinn household is having a mini-financial crisis. All because I have a car (Mini-Van) I need to drive to work. And this wonderful car got a problem with a valve thingy and then there was a problem with a gasket (not THE gasket, I suppose, just another one.)

To the tune of $404.13.

That’s Four HUNDRED and FOUR dollars and thirteen cents.

Excuse me.

Done hyperventilating now.

So. It hurt, but we paid it. My savings, wiped out (again). Now we are going to have to economize hardcore until our next paychecks, all coming at the end of the month.

But here we go. For the most part, Edmund and I are doing pretty well. We are making enough to pay our bills plus do some fun stuff. We got behind on our bills from the (fun, awesome) trip we took in June, and as of last week we were almost caught up. And one broken car upsets the apple cart. [The proverbial apple cart. We don’t really HAVE an apple cart.]

It’s not devastating or anything. It just sucks.

Like, we’re not going to be eating Ramen noodles and Ritz Crackers – [one of my favorite “I’m poor” meals. You dip the crackers in the broth and eat the noodles with chopsticks (so you feel cool.)] We might be eating a higher ratio of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but they’re awesome anyway. Fortunately we stocked up on some ice cream a few days ago – so we have that going for us.

Notice that I’m cheerfully avoiding that elephant in the room, the living paycheck-to-paycheck elephant. Well, it can just stay unnoticed as far as I’m concerned.